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Google Wave: I Finally Got My Invite

I’ve been waiting what seems like forever for a Google invite and finally got one a couple of weeks ago. But you know what?…its only this week that I finally got around to logging in and checking it out properly. Pretty bad I know since there are thousands still dying to get in and try out Google Wave.

I’ve only had a quick play but have already integrated the ability to tweet from my Google Wave account and now I am trying to see how it integrates with WordPress. I have downloaded a WordPress plugin called Wavr which allows you to imbed Waves into a blog post.

So to see if this works and also how it works, I have created a Wave in Google Wave and imbedded it below. If nothing shows up then I obviously didn’t do it right but if it does I will be adding to the Wave to as it is supposed to automatically add each addition of content to this blog post. So let’s see…I am going to Publish this post right now…I’m excited!

Update: Well I can’t seem to get it working just yet. As you can see below there is a Page Not Found window. Too late for me to play around with it now so I will see if I can get it working tomorrow.

Another Update: Seems to work in Firefox but I can’t see it in Internet Explorer…and what’s with the green background.?

Latest Update: I’ve decided to remove the plugin because it really isn’t working consistently. Instead I have put in a screen print below of how it looks in Firefox.

Google Wave WAVR Plugin