Products We Use and Recommend

Just in the processing of completely updating the site and came into this page and noticed how old all of the products we had listed here. Since we use all new products, this is the latest list for 2015. Note that we use affiliate links on this site so most of the links below will provide us with a commission if you purchase the product. However, we actually use these products and can therefore recommend them. We thank you in advance!

WordPress Themes

genesisLifestyle Pro Theme - (using the Genesis theme framework) - We absolutely love this theme. We use it on just about all of our sites now. What we love about it is the clean look and the fact that the team working on this theme aim to keep it lightweight and free of clutter in the back end.


Stablehost - This is our top pick for hosting. We had a lot of trouble with this particular blog when it came to hosting both with Bluehost and Hostgator. It wasn't until we took the site over to Stablehost that things finally sorted itself out.
Fastest WordPress HostingWPEngine - Prior to moving this blog to Stablehost, we did use WPEngine. Excellent hosting, however it really wasn't cost effective for us. However, still putting it here as we highly recommend it.
Hostgator - For our product based sites, we use Hostgator. We have a reseller account so all of the websites can sit in there and because we have a reseller account we can adjust the bandwidth for each site at will amongst other things.

Bluehost - We like Bluehost as it seems to be a lot easier to set up than any of the others. Great for a newbie!


Genesis Extender PluginGenesis Extender Plugin - If you are using the Genesis then this plugin comes in mighty handy if you want to customize things a bit. Really not for the beginner but if you are confident with your Wordpress site then this is a must have.