Is the Tweetie 2 iPhone App Worth Buying?

For most of the day today one of the trending topics on Twitter has been Tweetie 2 so since I had no idea what it was and I was just a little curious, I clicked on the link to see what the fuss was about.

Well I’m glad I did because I found out that it is an iPhone or iPod Touch application that you can use to access Twitter and do all the things you normally do on Twitter on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

This application isnt free and for me being in Australia it cost $3.99AUD…not a huge amount of money but when you can get other Twitter applications for free you usually think twice before spending. However, the ratings for it looked really good so I decided to take the plunge.

I have only been using it for about 30 minutes and have had a lot of fun so far. This application has so many features that some of the other Twitter applications lack like:

  • The ability to handle multiple accounts – I love this…I have quite a few accounts and it makes it so easy to get into each one without having to open a new window and enter passwords. In fact, the accounts are all listed on one page (once you enter them in the first time) and it is just a matter of touching the account with your finger to get into it…so easy!
  • An easy to use retweet option – this is so much easier than using twitter itself which doesn’t actually have a retweet option. It’s just a matter of finding the tweet you like and selecting a retweet button.
  • There is also a place to draft your tweets and save until later to post.
  • You can also update your profile via Tweetie 2.
  • There is an offline mode but I haven’t gotten into that yet so not sure what is involved.
  • And I just found out that it has the ability to reveal the short urls – in other words you can see the full original url and not just the shortened url.

As I said, I’ve only been using it for about half a hour now but I can definitely recommend this great little app if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch.

UPDATE: Since yesterday I have been using this application quite extensivley and I have to say that I am starting to prefer using my iPod Touch to access Twitter over my desktop computer. In the past, I had used other Twitter applications on my iPod Touch but only used them for when I wasn’t at my computer as although they did the job, they just weren’t as easy to work with as Tweetie 2.

But my absolute favorite part of Tweetie 2 is the ability to swap seemlessly between multiple accounts. I know I have already mentioned it above but anyone who has multiple Twitter accounts will understand how messy it can getting logging  in and out of different accounts.

Other features include:

  • the ability to link twitter accounts to your Address Book contacts
  • the ability to save searches
  • a translation facility to translate tweets
  • the ability to add photos and video you have on your iPhone/iPod Touch
  • a url shortener
  • hashtags

I have to say that I am loving it.

If you have Tweetie 2 tell us your experiences or if you have a question leave a comment below. We answer most comments left on our blog.

I’m No Longer in a Twitter Over Twitter…

Yes, you heard right…I think I am over Twitter. Why?…well for a number of reasons actually but read on…

When Twitter first started to become popular I went in and created an account for one of my niche blogs but at the time I really couldn’t understand what it was all about let alone what the point of it was. But Twitter got even more popular so I persevered and created Twitter accounts for most of our websites including this one (@affiliateblogon).

But even after using it for some time, for the life of me, I really can’t see the appeal of Twitter in terms of a form of communication.  It really is both clumsy and inefficient…BUT it seems to work for a hell of a lot of people to promote whatever it is they are promoting. So the inefficiency of this networking tool is forgotten in the rush to get as many followers as possible in order to make as much money as possible.

Okay I can accept that…I am in the business of making money online too so I understand the thinking here. Unfortunately however, in my view, Twitter is starting to become one big spammy piece of junk.

Just take my own followers for instance which, as I write this post, are up around the 1150 mark…not too bad I suppose except when you consider that a large number of people are getting tens of thousands of followers with some having followers numbering in the millions  – my 1150 followers now starts to look a bit shabby in comparison.

Of that 1150, I follow about 800 or so and out of that, probably a handful actually Tweet live – the rest have preprogrammed Tweets  in place that go up on a regular basis throughout the day. Some even repeat the same posts over and over so they might have the same 10 tweets go up every day. The majority of those tweets are 140 characters of promotional garbage…the rest are quotes or retweets of someone elses garbage , so that only a small number of those left are actually worth looking at.

I also find that once you are following more than a couple hundred people it is almost impossible to keep up with the number of incoming tweets so it becomes almost redundant if you truly want to keep up with what someone has to say.

Now some of you are probably thinking why I just don’t unfollow them…and I’d have to agree with you. This has been in my thoughts for the past week or so but I also have this almost warped thinking that says if you unfollow them, they will unfollow you and then you will be back to only a couple hundred followers…and as it appears that everyone is using Twitter I might get left behind by not keeping up with it all.

I mean, a celebrity can afford to not follow anyone and still get thousands of followers but anyone else needs to work for it. This means following people, tweeting appropriately, retweeting and  generally just chatting to people you are interested in chatting to. It’s not difficult by any means but it can take up a lot of time and I am wondering is it really worth it…maybe I need to get to 10,000 followers in order to answer that question.

Others reading this might also say that I should be following those in the same niche – in other words, grab people who are interested in what you have to say…stick with quality not quantity. Actually, that is what I have been doing but unfortunately my niche is all about making money online and that does tend to attract spammers. So what looks like quality ends up  being someone who just sends out promotional tweets to get you to sign up for something or go to their recommended site if I want to get more followers!

When it comes down to it, and to be totally honest, I am really only following someone to get them to follow me…that is my total motivation for using Twitter. It doesn’t sound right does it? I am not sure whether my thinking needs to change or whether I just need to go with the flow and do what the majority of people are doing and just keep working at getting more followers.

Now you can see my dilemma – although I am over Twitter  I can see the potential in this rather clumsy system.

So despite this blog post I am not giving up on Twitter and I am trying to stay positive about it. I am going to see where it goes – my thinking is that it can only get better with more followers and I hope to come back in a few months time and say how wrong I was and that Twitter made a real difference in my affiliate business.

Even so at this point I am more disullusioned with the amount of spam on there than anything else and I know that at some point I am going to do a mass unfollow and stick with a handful of people whose tweets I really want to read…in other words, use Twitter as it was intended to be used.

Stay tuned…

10 Beautiful Customizable Photoshop Twitter Background Templates

In the past couple of weeks we have been working on our Twitter accounts a little more seriously so decided to change the backgrounds on a few of them. Well it wasn’t as easy as we thought.

There are plenty of Twitter background sites out there but we wanted something a little more unique and professional…and something we could customize.

So in my search I came up with 10 beautiful and professional looking Twitter backgrounds and decided to share them with you. Just be aware that if you have Photoshop 6 some of these templates may not work for you.

1. Boinbong – has two different Twitter backgrounds both with a very simple but professional look.

Twitter Background 1


Twitter Background 2

2.  Design Freebies – This background comes in three different colors – blue, green and orange and offers the ability to customize the Polaroid shots in the corner to whatever you like.

Twitter Background 3

3. MXM-Studios – This is a dark template but very cool looking. The template fits a large screen of 1700 x 1050px but the designer says it works equally well on screens that are 1024 x 768px.

Twitter Background 4

4. Paperworks – Another beautiful template from Design Freebies.

Twitter Background 6


5. Shades of Blue – three beautiful blue backgrounds from Design Freebies.

Twitter Background 7


Twitter Background 8


Twitter Background 9

6. ChethStudios – This is just one of four beautiful templates at Cheth Studios.
Twitter Background 10
7. Christmas Theme – Save this one for Christmas. This is cute but professional looking.

Twitter Background 11

8. The Internet Genius Background – Simple but classy looking.

Twitter Background 12

9. Digital Design Advice – This is a fun background and very easy to customize.

Twitter Background 13

10. Manifestbozeman – This is a basic Photoshop template which defines the ‘safest’ areas for adding content. A great one to start with.

Twitter Background 5

Twitter Spam a Real Problem

twit7bWe have multiple Twitter accounts – one for each of our websites – and we’ve been looking at different tools and websites that will help us with these accounts.

One of these websites was a site called who claimed they could get us more followers. And a bit recklessley we registered with them without reading the ‘rules’….bad decision!

Within a few days one of our Twitter accounts was inundated with spam messages. You’ve probably seen the type we mean – “Finally found the BEST way to get tons of followers for FREE!” or “I just become a member of this AWESOME site that gets you TONS of followers”.

The unfortunate thing for us is these messages were posted almost continuously on that Twitter account causing us to look like spammers.

The ‘rules’ that we failed to read before signing up are listed as follows:


1. You agree to submit your twitter accout credentials.
2. You agree to allow us to store your account information in our database.
3. You agree your account will be used to automatically tweet an update on your account for promotional purposes every 6 hours with the exception of VIP members.
4. You agree upon loging in you allow us tweet an update on your twitter for promotion.
5. You agree when buying vip there are no refunds or returns what so ever.
6. You agree to allow us up to 6 hours to put your twitter user name on the vip section.
7. You agree if you spam our site you will be banned from our service forever with out hesitation.

As you can see Rule #3 is the nasty one. However, even if we had read these terms and accepted the ‘one post every 6 hours’ we still would have been pissed off as the number of posts actually averaged about 4 every hour. We were looking like big time spammers.

The only way to get rid of it was for us to change our password on that Twitter account.  This seems to have fixed the problem although we will be keeping an eye on it over the next few days.

There appears to be a chain of these sites all doing the same thing and it is really clogging up Twitter. Here are the spam messages I have found so far on unsuspecting Twitter accounts.

  • Its truly amazing, I got 1000 followers in 2 days forr FREE:
  • Finally found the BEST way to get tons of followers for FREE!
  • Sign up free and Get 400 followers a day using
  • Finally found the BEST way to get tons of followers for FREE!
  • Get Hundreds of Free Followers A Day!
  • CHECK out this site, im a member of it, It gets you more followers:
  • You need to check out this site if you want more followers:
  • Sign up free and Get 400 followers a day using
  • Get allot more followers! You should check out this site :
  • I just become a member of this AWESOME site that gets you TONS of followers:
  • I just become a member of this AWESOME site that gets you TONS of followers:
  • I just become a member of this AWESOME site that gets you TONS of followers:
  • Hey fellow followers If you want MORE followers check out this site:

So we have learnt our lesson on this one – we aren’t going to sign up to anything with our Twitter account without first thorougly reading the terms and conditions and even then we are going to be extremely careful.