How to Make Money Using Public Domain Content

We don’t believe in putting all our eggs in one basket and so we have been looking for other ways of diversifying and one of the things we have been seriously considering is using the public domain to make money.

We initially read about using Public Domain works to generate income on a forum and it tweaked our interest enough for us to go looking for the experts in this field for more information.

What we eventually found was an ebook package written by Logan Andrew and Debra Conrad called The Public Domain Treasure Hunters Survival Kit. These two are experts in this field and we were absolutely amazed with the information in it. We never really realized the potential that the public domain has for making money online.

If you’ve never heard of the public domain basically it is content (ie books, music, video, prints, images etc) that is no longer under a copyright…so it is free to use in just about any way you wish.

Hopefully that statement has made your jaw drop and if it hasn’t it should by the end of this blog post. It truly is mind blowing because there are so many different ways to make use of this information to start an online business or simply use it to supplement the amount of money that you are already making online.

Let’s take an example just to whet your appetite. Say for instance you have a website about dogs and you want to start building up an email list. One of the best ways to do this is to offer a freebie such as a mini report or ebook, which encourages people to sign up. So you sit yourself down and start writing an ebook or you may get a writer in Elance to do it for you. Either way, it takes time and/or money. But what if you could get the information for your ebook for free and within the next five minutes?

With public domain content you can do just that and you can have that ebook up and ready to go in as little as half an hour. Plus you can be confident in knowing that the information you use has been written by professional authors, and you are getting quality content for absolutely nothing.

You can also take that public domain content and turn it into an audio book or a series of audios for your email list. You can literally have never ending content readily available to send to your list…depending on your niche of course.

With public domain content not only can you create your own reports and ebooks but you can also use this free content for your website. Now we personally like to create unique content wherever possible but the thing with public domain content is that not many people have caught on to using it on their websites so you’re not likely to see the same content duplicated over and over.

So you can search for Public Domain content in your niche and simply copy it over to your website and it’s all perfectly legal and above board. You can actually create an entire website just from public domain content alone. This could also work really well if you have a membership site.

You can also legally change that content. So you can manually make changes to it or put it through a spinner if you like. (We recommend The Best Spinner – which in our opinion we have found to be the only spinner that really spins well written content.) So you can have fresh content added to your site for free or if you want you can use it for article marketing.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…what about creating your own t-shirts or mugs using public domain images? With CafePress in conjunction with eBay you can do just that. How easy is that!! You don’t need to stock any inventory.

You can also find public domain cookbooks and take recipes to combine them into your own book which you can sell on Amazon or in the Kindle store. In fact, you can find content on just about any topic and compile it into your own book.

You can even simply republish books without making any changes and make money from them.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with public domain content but there are plenty more. We have decided to go with one method described in the Public Domain Treasure Hunters Survival Kit and have been working on it for a few months now and yes we are making money with it. It’s definitely not enough to retire on just yet but we can see the real potential in it…enough so that we are going to be devoting 50% of our time to it over the next few months.

You’ll also notice we’ve added a new category to this blog called ‘Public Domain’ so we’re not just playing around with this. It is something we are seriously getting in to.

So Where Do You Start?

One of the best places to start is with Project Gutenberg. This site has over 30,000 books to choose from with the majority in the public domain and they add more on a regular basis. Another excellent site is Just remember that although both of these sites mainly focus on public domain works, not all the books listed are in the public domain, so you do need to check the copyright status as indicated against each book on these sites before using the content.

More Information

If you are looking for more detailed info on this then we do recommend the Public Domain Treasure Hunter’s Survival Kit. This is an extremely detailed and informative guide on how to use the public domain effectively. And it is written by people who actually make a living from it. It includes specific money making ideas using public domain content, where to find public domain content for books, movies, audio books and so on, how to tell if a book is still under a copyright, how to use public domain content to create your own products and even where you can sell your public domain content.

We’re talking over 200 pages of solid information and that’s only in one of the ebooks you get. They also include step-by-step videos and plenty of bonuses. And these bonuses are not your usual crappy add-ons so that they can make a sale. This is solid stuff that you will actually use.

We’re excited and we are sure you will be too once you grasp the full potential of using Public Domain works.