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Top 7 Affiliate Products We Actually Use and Recommend

Being in the internet marketing game we are always on the lookout for products to make our lives easier. This can include ebooks, themes, software programs, membership sites or WordPress plugins. With this in mind, I decided to write up a post on the products we actually use and recommend.

1. Ninja Affiliate

I love this plugin! What it does is add affiliate links automatically to keywords in your posts. You simply add your keywords and affiliate links in the backend on your WordPress dashboard and Ninja Affiliate will automatically add affiliate links to those keywords wherever they appear on your blog – for both old and new posts. So you don’t have to spend hours adding affiliate links to every blog post you write. Just add once in the dashboard and they are automatically added to both old and new posts.

You also have the option for nofollow links, and to choose how many links you want in each post. It also provides statistics so you can see how many times the links have been clicked on for each keyword. If you take a look at the links in this post, most of them apart from the internal links have been added automatically by Ninja Affiliate. I don’t have to add them every time I create a post. This saves me a heap of time.

It can also cloaks the links so that they don’t appear as long affiliate urls but instead they look like internal links.

Highly recommended!

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2. OIO Publisher

If you want to make money from advertising on your blog then this is definitely the plugin to go with. It makes the whole process sooo much easier. The initial set up is all you will need to do and once done everything is handled for you. You simply have to approve the ads with a few clicks and the ads go up automatically on your site. This is a bargain for the price as it will save you a heap of time doing it all manually.

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3. Affiliate Organizer

We have used the Affiliate Organizer for years now. It is the one program I use on a daily basis. What this program does is store all of your user names and passwords. But that’s not all it does, it has a calender function to include upcoming events and tasks; a category to store websites including DNS settings, ftp settings, passwords etc; a section to add affiliate merchant details, a category where you can details for forums that you have signed up with and even a section to keep track of tasks you’ve outsourced. I really couldn’t live without it.

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4. Flexsqueeze Theme

This would have to be my favorite theme at the moment. I know everyone raves over the Thesis theme but I much prefer the Flexsqueeze theme. It is so much easier to use and is perfect for the type of product review sites we use. It allows you to create a full page review without the sidebar displaying. So there are no distractions for the reader to click away. They stay focused on the review and click on the links in the review. The developer of this theme made it so easy to change colors, the blog width, the header and footer and pretty much anything else in the theme from fonts through to the background color so you can make the theme look completely unique with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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5. aWeber

aWeber is a must have for anyone wanting to develop a email list. We have been using aWeber for a number of years now and have had no issues. Their pricing goes up with the more subscribers you get up to the maximum of $130 a month if you have 10,000 subscribers or more…but then if you have that many subscribers you should be able to easily make the money each month to cover the fee. If you can’t then you are in the wrong business.

You can create unlimited email lists, send email newsletters using their templates or your own, create autoresponders and more.

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6. The Best Spinner

I’ve never been a fan of spinning articles only because the spinners I have used in the past have been pretty pathetic in terms of creating a readable article. This one is different. It’s not called The Best Spinner for nothing – this is really a quality product and produces really well spun articles. It probably takes about half an hour to spin a 400 word article but from that one article you can get up to 100 other articles. This one is definitely a winner with me.

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7. ReviewAZON

This is a great plugin for anyone wanting to promote Amazon products. We use it to a limited extent in that we only use it on blogs we aren’t currently working it. It is just a way for us to quickly get content on our blogs so that they stay active. For our reviews written from scratch we don’t use this plugin. Even so, if you want to get content up fast then it really is an excellent program. What ReviewAzon does is allow you to create product pages in minutes using the content from Amazon. You can literally create a blog full of content in just a few hours.

So there you have it, 7 products that we use regularly that we would recommend to others. What are your thoughts?

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Maxblog Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review: I Bought it!

NinjaAffiliateLast week as I was leaving a comment on a blog I noticed a discussion between the owner and one of his readers about a WordPress plugin he was using that automatically turns predefined keywords on his blog into affiliate links.

My first thought was that this was one of those programs you have to join where you get paid for each click from links on your site…you might have seen those blogs where ever second keyword is underlined twice in blue and you hover over the keyword and an annoying pop-up appears. But from looking at his blog posts I soon realized this wasn’t the case – the links were regular blue text links – nothing fancy or spammy looking.

So since I was a bit intrigued I clicked on the link in his comment and made my way over to the sales page for the Ninja Affiliate plugin. Once there, it really didn’t take me long to realize that I definitely needed to buy it. I even made a call to Wanda to see what she thought and she definitely agreed that this would save us a lot of time.

So How Does it Work?

The best way to describe how the plugin works is to use an example. So let’s  say for instance you are an affiliate for Amazon and your blog is all about fishing. And one of the products you promote regularly on your blog is a fishing rod called “The Prestige Fishing Rod”.

Now at the moment, in order to link to Amazon using that keyword phrase (ie. The Prestige Fishing Rod) you would have to grab the affiliate code from Amazon and manually pop it in to anywhere in your blog posts where you use that keyword phrase. We all know it’s not difficult to do but it is time consuming….this is where the Ninja Affiliate plugin comes into play.

With this plugin you will only ever have to grab your Amazon affiliate code once, place it in the back end admin area and from then on it will automatically add that affiliate link whenever it sees that keyword or keyword phrase (ie. The Prestige Fishing Rod)  in blog posts on your blog. This includes posts that you have created in the past as well as new posts.

You can also specify multiple keyword variations that link will apply to. For example,  ‘The Prestige Fishing Rod’, ‘Prestige Fishing Rod’, ‘Fishing Rod’ and so on.  If the plugin sees any of those keywords it will automatically convert them to links.

What I really like about this plugin is that you can specify how many links per post. You can have 1 or more, or just choose unlimited if you like.  Just be aware that too many links can make you look like a spammer. (I like to keep it at two or three.) And you don’t have to worry about all those links leaching your pagerank as there is an option to add a nofollow tag to each link.

You also don’t need to use this to link to affiliate links. You can link to other pages on your site if you like. This is a great way of getting more traffic to a particular post or page on your site.

There are a host of other features that come with this great little plugin including:

  • the ability to cloak the links so instead of the reader seeing an affiliate link when they hover over the link they will instead see a keyword or whatever you choose to use.
  • the ability to overide global settings for each individual post. So say you have set up your global settings to add a nofollow tag to each link but for one particular post you want the nofollow tag to be removed then this feature allows you to do this.
  • the  facility to create groups so you can easily track the links you have created
  • stats so you can see the number of clicks on each of the links you have created
  • the ability to have each link open in a new window
  • the ability to change the formatting of each link ie. link color, underline, bold, italics, font size and family
  • the ability to exclude Pages from automatic linking
  • the ability to exclude specific Categories from automatic linking

Final Conclusion…

This is a brilliant tool and we wonder how we ever did without it. Today we spent less than an hour creating links in the back-end which  resulted in literally hundreds of links on one of our niche blogs.  If we were to do this ourselves if would have taken us hours, if not days to accomplish.

Plus if we ever get the problem of a merchant closing down their affiliate program or going out of business then we don’t have to spend hours changing hundreds of links – all we need to do is change it once in the admin area and all the links will  change automatically.

We give the Ninja Affiliate plugin a big thumbs up. Highly recommended.

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The Science of Getting Rich Program (SGR Program) – I Just Bought It

I’m a big fan of all things related to The Secret, The Law of Attraction and self improvement in general. So after reading The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles – a book written over 100 years ago – I started looking for anything I could find on the subject. That inevitably brought me to The SGR Program – it was a bit hard to miss actually because if you type ‘Science of Getting Rich’ into Google you invariably see it in the first page of results.

At the time, I wasn’t really interested in paying for a program as there’s so much content available for free on the net but I did sign up for his FREE 7 Lesson Course which I thought was excellent value considering it was free. Even so, I didn’t buy the main course after the 7 lessons were over.

But for some reason I kept finding the Bob Proctor course in my day to day surfing on the net so eventually I took it as a sign to give it a go.

So I’ve signed up and paid the $197 and am currently in the process of downloading all the mp3’s, transcripts and the ebook. There is a lot of information in here. It is going to take a while.

As I am only in the first stages of the program I am not going to write up a review today but instead wait until I get more into it….so stay tuned.

More Info

  • You can sign up for the FREE 7 Day Course HERE

Leave Your Comment Below

Are you into the Science of Getting Rich or have used the SGR Program? If yes, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear what you have to say and I usually respond to most comments left on my blog.


Just putting my feet up with Dragon Naturally Speaking

I like putting my feet up. What this means is that whenever I’m sitting at the computer, which is pretty much most of the day, I usually have my feet up on my desk or on my chair or generally anywhere else except on the floor where they should be.

So when I found the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and started using it as of today, I immediately hugged the box it came in. Well I didn’t actually hug the box but I would have if nobody was looking. What this means is that I can now put my feet up all the time as now I can just talk into my computer and it does everything I want it to.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, as it doesn’t do everything and since I have only been using the software since this morning I still haven’t figured out everything it can do yet.

I am writing this blog post using my headset and nothing else. As I am speaking into the microphone the text automatically prints on my screen. I am typing this into Microsoft Word however you can also use it to talk directly into your favorite blog, e-mail account, or just about any other program.

It can actually get quite annoying at times when it doesn’t interpret your words correctly but I am working on it. You can train it to recognize your words and the more you do this the better it will get.

At the moment I’m having a bit of fun with it but it will be interesting to see if it becomes a major part of my computing life.

You can purchase a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking at Amazon


Legit Online Jobs Review: A Members Review of Legit Online Jobs

Legit Online Jobs ReviewSome time back I found a blog talking about a website called Legit Online Jobs. Their review was honest (or at least it sounded that way) and they spoke highly of Legit Online Jobs. Still I am not one to purchase something without reading a few different reviews. So I did my best to find reviews from people who looked like they actually used the product and after finding only positive comments and reviews I decided to give Legit Online Jobs a go.

Their home page didn’t reveal too much apart from the fact that they are heavily into making money from posting classified ads but I had heard that they offer much more than just the classified ad technique so I signed up and paid the $69.95 for VIP access (only $49.95 if you take the basic package.)

This money making membership site focuses on quite a few different ways to make money online and lists them on the welcome page once logged in:

Ad Cash System– Learn how to make great money typing ads for companies.
Real Home Jobs – Real no-fee jobs. Get paid by the hour. Includes data entry jobs.
Paid Surveys – Give your opinion on various products and get paid for it.
Paid Shopping – Get paid to shop in stores or eat out at restaurants.
Paid Driving – Get paid to drive your own car or receive a brand new free car.
Paid Email/Surf – Get paid to read email and visit websites.
Paid Offers – Get paid to complete free offers from various companies.
Paid TV – Get paid to watch TV for companies.
Paid Photos – Make money taking pictures.
Paid Blogging – Make money with your own blog.
Wholesale/Ebay – Access the best wholesale sources and make money reselling.
Advanced Money – Money making secrets for advanced users.
Gov. Auctions – Access government auctions all across the US.
Gov. Grants – Find the best sources for all types of grants in the US.

Each of these money making techniques is backed up with an introduction on what it all means, step-by-step tutorials and eBooks to help you along. The guides are easy to follow and they provide tips and techniques to making them work effectively.

In additon they also provide extensive lists of resources or websites that are relevant to each money making technique. For instance, for the eBay section they include a huge database of websites where you can source products (mostly dropshippers) and for the Paid Surveys section it includes a database filled with companies you can sign up with to start completing surveys.

Although the home page of Legit Online Jobs pushes the Ad Cash System (which by the way I have tried but more on that below) the main benefit for many is the Real Home Jobs section. This is where you can find hundreds of legitimiate, paid by the hour, work at home jobs. It includes data entry, transcription services, editing, writing, translating, assistant type jobs, clerical, research, sales and marketing and much more. There are even jobs that involve you answering customer phone calls in your own home for big companies.

Quite a few of the members of this site take on a few jobs at a time in order to make a full-time wage.

Legit Online Jobs emphasises that none of the services provided on their site requires a further fee to sign up so after the initial payment everything is free.

As well as everything mentioned above there is also a bonus section with over 50 ebooks and video coaching on a variety of subjects including:

  • The Expert Guide to Affiliate Marketing
  • Squidoo Basics
  • One Step to eBay Riches
  • Make Money Without Leaving Your Home
  • How to Get Quick Cash in an Emergency
  • Adsense Secrets

The Ad Cash System is promoted heavily on the home page of Legit Online Jobs. We have tried it and it definitely does work. It requires time and effort but it is by no means difficult to do – in fact it is dead easy once you know how. The goal is to place as many ads as you can on free classified ad sites that link to a product that you can make a commission from. Legit Online Jobs recommends putting up 30 ads a day. We put up about 2 a day over a 2 month period and made just over $200. Not bad for about 15 minutes of work a day.

The whole point of Legit Online Jobs is that they do the dirty work for you and find only the legitimate money making sites. This is especially important for those new to internet marketing or working online as they can be easily scammed.

Overall we found this to be a great resource for anyone wanting to make money online. The variety of methods means that there is something for everyone and you can pick and choose the money making method that suits you. We definitely recommend it.

Click here for more info on Legit Online Jobs