Pay Per Click – Is The Party Over?

Paula and I have met and read about some very successful people who rely on paid advertising for an income.  And a very nice income many of them enjoy.

However, with Google Adsense making it easy for anyone with a blog or website to put ads on a page has this led to ad blindness by website searchers and consequently less click through rates?  

We have delved into the arena of Pay Per Click advertising but it is not a cheap exercise.  The bidding on keywords is quite competitive and the price on keywords has now become relatively expensive. It also takes a bit of work to get it working successfully as if you don’t do it right you could easily be up for $10 or more per click.

Nevertheless we have taken steps to give PPC a go since many have had a lot of success with it. We knew we needed help however so decided to purchase an ebook called Beating Adwords by well know internet successes Kyle and Carson from Wealthy Affiliate University.

In fact, we actually purchased this ebook some time back and although the ebook is excellent and we highly recommend it we never really got into giving PPC a really good go.

Now that we have a bit more time up our sleeves we are going to give it another shot.  We will update this blog with our progress.