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The Winners of Our Christmas Giveaway

Hope everyone has had an awesome Christmas. Christmas has already been and gone here in Australia. The day after is a holiday here so we get to relax and chill out before we all get back to work.

Hope everyone is geared up for the New Year. If you can get yourself a copy of The Secret, The Magic or The Power (or preferably all 3) then do so because it will get you in a better frame of mind to tackle the new year. At the very least, get yourself over to YouTube and start regularly watching motivational videos to keep you on track.

Thank you to all of those who entered the giveaway. The winners were drawn with a random number generator ( and are listed below. Both of you will be contacted via email so keep a look out for that.

Winners of the double-pack of The Magic and The Power are:

  • Terese
  • Maureen

Christmas Giveaway – The Power and The Magic

The PowerHasn’t this year been an interesting one for us affiliates? Google definitely has been doing a lot of damage and I know many of you were affected from the number of emails we received. We’ve always said that this is a tough business and Google are doing their best to make it even tougher.

So if you are feeling the pinch then the one thing we can recommend is for you to change your thoughts. Your thoughts become your life so changing your thoughts is key to improving your life and bringing more abundance in. I know that might sound trivial particularly if you are experiencing financial difficulties at the moment but it really is the answer.

We knew we had to change our thoughts. It’s too easy to get sucked in to the doom and gloom lately and we didn’t want to go there. Neither of us watch the news. I haven’t personally watched the news for a few years now and really, I haven’t missed a thing. If anything really important happens then someone is bound to tell me.

We also both avoid being around negative people. You know the types, you only have to be around them for 5 minutes and you end up feeling as depressed as they are. They love to tell you how bad everything is going and why it’s all the governments fault or big business or whatever else.

We’ve also started to read two amazing books. One is called The Power and the other is The Magic. They were both written by Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret. Now I must admit, although I liked The Secret (both the book and the movie) I didn’t think that it really went into enough detail. Rhonda Byrne must have thought so as well because she did an excellent job of explaining it all in her other two books.

These two books have literally become my bibles over the past few weeks.  They are amazing! The Magic includes a 28 day plan and we both have been going through each day and following on.

We’ve been reading these two books over the past couple of weeks and applying the concepts in both of them and it is amazing how it works.

Let’s give you an example of how well it has worked so far. As some of you might know, in the past we had a wholesale jewellery business. It has been closed for quite some time now but we still had an excess of stock sitting in Wanda’s garage. We knew we had to sell it because Wanda wanted her garage back and with Christmas coming up this seemed like a good time.

We had tried weekend markets before but never had much success. But we thought we would give it another go at a Christmas market in our area.

Now normally, we don’t like doing these markets – it’s a long day and usually boring and we don’t make that much for the amount of work involved.

Now let’s just stop right here before I go any further and just go back and reread my last sentence.  How does it sound? Not very positive right? ‘We don’t like the markets, they are boring and we don’t make much money from them’

Those were our thoughts about them. So if our thoughts create our life, then obviously those thoughts weren’t ever going to create a favorable outcome for us selling at any market.

This time however, we decided that things were going to be different. We had been following the concepts in The Magic and were in a much better frame of mind about it. In fact, I was at the point where I was really looking forward to it. That was truly amazing because I had never looked forward to doing a market ever. When I was a kid my parents had an antique business and they would do weekend markets on a regular basis. I hated them so to look forward to doing this market (and it was a two day one to boot) was pretty amazing for me.

The day started and we had our first sale. Okay, it was to Wanda’s granddaughter but it set the scene and we were really upbeat about it all. The crowds came in and all of a sudden we were swamped with customers. Yes, this works, I thought!

Later in the day, when we had a spare moment and had time to speak to one of the stall holders next to us, we realized that we had done better than most. We didn’t have time to stop and look to see how well other stallholders were going because we had been so busy. She even said to us: “You’re making a killing here.”

To cut a long story short, we did amazingly well. In fact, it was one of the best markets we had ever done despite the fact that others around us didn’t seem to fare as well.

One Concept That You Can Use Right Now

Here’s one little concept from the book that did amazing things for me after using it just for one day. This one comes from The Power. Rhonda mentioned that you need to talk about what you love, not what you don’t love. Every time you talk about what you don’t love, you are creating negative thoughts and you will therefore create negative events.

So I decided to use this one at a particularly negative event in my life a few weeks ago. I was notified that my sister had been rushed to hospital in a pretty bad state. I had a days notice to fly interstate, get to the hospital and then somehow figure out how to get into my sisters apartment where I would be staying while I was there.

So my thoughts went something like this:

“I have to get a taxi to the hospital, that’s going to cost about $50, then I have to figure out how to get to my sisters place. That’s probably going to be another $20. I can take the airport bus and they will only cost $15 but then I will have to get another bus from the city to the hospital. It’s going to be dark by that point and do I really want to be wandering around Brisbane at night with luggage, trying to find the right bus to get me there. Then when I get to the hospital where will I be able to get the key to her apartment? Will she be in any state to even hear me. I might have to stay in a hotel overnight. Will there be anything available at that time of night?”

These thoughts were all in addition to my worry about my sister of course and so on and on it went…

At that point, I figured I needed something motivational…I really needed to stay positive. So  I listened to The Power. I had downloaded the audio version some time back but had never really listened to it fully. It was that night as I was listening that I heard her say that you have to talk about what you love and not what you don’t love. So I did just that.

The next day as I woke up I only spoke about what I loved. So when I brushed my teeth, I said. “I love this toothbrush. The color is great and it brushes my teeth really well. I love the toothpaste as well because it has such a great taste and it’s fluoride free.”

Then as I walked around the house and got breakfast ready, I’d say, “I love how the carpet feels on my feet. it’s really soft.” or “I love the taste of this bacon and how crispy it is.”

And then when I got on the plane: “I love how comfortable this seat is.” or “I love how Qantas provides free meals on their flights.” or “I love how quick and easy it is to fly to Brisbane.”

This was what I did for most of the day. Sometimes I would forget but as soon as I remembered again, I would continue on as best as I could.

So that afternoon when I got into Brisbane airport, I started to look for the airport train to take me into the city. Just at the point, Wanda (who had decided to come up as well to provide support and to visit her own family) told me that her son would drive me to the hospital.

Hello, I wasn’t expecting that to happen. Wanda’s son lives in the totally opposite direction so it hadn’t entered my mind that he would give me a lift. So immediately, apart from being extremely thankful, I thought, hey this stuff actually works!

After visiting my sister (and by the way, thankfully she is much better now), I realized that she didn’t have the key (remember that she was rushed to hospital) and was in no state to even know where the key was. I was lucky to get a conversation out of her at all.

So at that point, I figured I would get out my iPad and check out some hotels in the area. Just as I thought that, my sister asked me if I could ring her best friend on her behalf. I did that, and lo and behold her friend tells me that she has a key to my sisters apartment but not only that, she said she would come to the hospital pick me up and take me there.

Bingo!.. all my logistical problems had been solved, without any effort on my part. It all came together beautifully.

So my advice to you, would be to try this out. See if you can in fact, talk about what you love all day and see if it makes a difference. This also means not talking about what you don’t love. So just for today, don’t watch the news, don’t get into conversations that are negative and don’t start negative conversations with yourself.

If you can get the concept into your head that your thoughts create your life then you will see how important it is to change them.

Christmas Giveaway

And just to help  a couple of lucky readers on the way to achieving a great life of abundance by using these methods, we are going to give away two packs of Rhonda Byrne’s best books – The Magic and The Power.

If you would like to enter, please leave a comment below. We will randomly draw out the 2 winners on Christmas Day.

The only requirement is that you must be in a country that Amazon sends products to as we will be sending the products directly from Amazon.

Good luck and stay positive!


Christmas Giveaway Winners!

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas. For us here in Australia, Christmas is already over and today we are celebrating Boxing Day. That usually means watching the Boxing Day cricket test match on tv, having a bbq, catching up with family or friends that you didn’t see over Christmas or going to the post-Christmas sales.

But now to what you all want to see, the winners of this years giveaway. We did the draw using the number generator. Each person who entered had one draw each and those who shared or liked the post also received an extra entry.

So without further ado, here are this years winners:

Canon Powershot Camera

1. Carrie

Amazonian Profit Plan

1. Jennifer
2. Chongyim
3. Ameta Kimbrough

$50 Amazon Gift Card

1. Daniel M

Each of the winners will be contacted via email.


Christmas Giveaway 2011 – Canon Powershot S95 Camera, Amazonian Profit Plan & $50 Amazon Gift Card

UDATE:The giveaway is now closed…you can view the winners here.

Well it’s almost Christmas once again, my how the time flies, and to help spread some Christmas cheer we are going to be giving away a few goodies to help get us all in the Christmas spirit.

#1: Canon Powershot S95 Camera

The first is the Canon Powershot S95 Camera. We bought one of these on our last trip to the US. We had an old Kodak camera that we were using for our business and although it took great photos it was a bit slow and clunky. We had researched for quite some time on what sort of camera to get to replace it with and came up with the Canon Powershot S95. This is one brilliant little camera – we highly recommend it. It’s extremely difficult to take a bad shot with it.

#2: Amazonian Profit Plan

The second give away is our Amazonian Profit Plan ebook where we reveal our complete plan for making money online with Amazon.

We know many of you own the book already so please indicate in your comments below if this is the case.

We will be giving away 3 copies of the book.


#3: $50 Amazon Gift Card

The third give away is a $50 Amazon gift card. It’s always fun shopping on Amazon.




Conditions of Entry

1. To enter you simply need to leave a comment below this post to let us know which of the prizes you would like to receive if you win. To increase your chances of winning you can also LIKE or SHARE this post on Facebook…both would be nice. Here is our Facebook fan page –> Affiliate Blog on Facebook

2. The camera will be posted directly from Amazon and unfortunately it is only available to those in the US. However, if you happen to win and you are not in the US then we will send you an Amazon Gift Card to the value of $300 so before entering ensure that you are in a country that allows you to purchase from Amazon.

3. Since many of you already have the Amazonian Profit Plan and you probably don’t want another copy, don’t forget to indicate in your comment which prize you would like to win to prevent duplication of prizes.

4. We will be randomly drawing the winners. Last year we used a random number generator to do the job so we will be using a similar thing this year. One Canon Powershot Camera will be given away, three Amazonian Profit Plan ebooks and one $50 Amazon Gift Card.

5. The competition will close midnight December 24 and the winners will be announced on Christmas day.

Good Luck everyone!


Name the Newsletter Competition – $50 Amazon Gift Card to Be Won!

Just recently we decided to change the format of our newsletter which so far seems to be working quite well. Prior to this our emails were random and didn’t really say too much. We just didn’t feel good about it so we knew we had to rethink it all.  So since ‘quality’ is our focus we decided to redo it completely into a new format that hopefully appeals to everyone. So far, we’ve received some great feedback.

However, we aren’t happy with the actual name of the newsletter. At the moment, it’s called the Affiliate Blog Online Newsletter which is kind of boring. And we haven’t been able to think of a name oursleves so we have decided that it might be worthwhile holding a competition to see if one of our readers can come up with a better idea.

We’re looking for something short and snappy…like Affiliate Buzz for instance but that one has already been taken by James Martell and we certainly don’t want to steal anyone elses idea.

So if you have any suggestions, simply post it in the comments below. The winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Note that we reserve the right to hold this competition open for as long as is necessary to find a suitable name.

UPDATE: We’ve decided we have enough suggestions now so we are closing off the comments on this blog post. We will be sitting down within the next hour to go through them all and once we decide on a name we will create a new post to announce the winner. Thank you to everyone who entered.