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We’re Leaving but Only for a Short Time

This is just a quick blog post to let you all know that tomorrow we will be heading off to the US for three weeks so if you don’t hear from us you’ll know why. We’ll be in Las Vegas during that time just seeing some shows and basically just relaxing. Neither of us are big gamblers or drinkers but  we always find plenty to do in Vegas…we just love the place.

We are also looking forward to some cooler weather. It’s summer here and the temperatures are in the high 30’s. Today we are sweltering – it’s 37 C  (that’s 98 F) so we are really looking forward to the milder temperatures. Although I hear that there is going to be some particularly cold weather in the US over the next few days so hopefully we won’t experience too much of that in Vegas.

We will still update this blog while we are away, but don’t worry, we won’t be plastering it with what we are doing during the trip…we’ll leave that to Wanda’s travel blog. So you’ll still get our regular posts andwe also have a treat in store for you, a guest post by Chris the Traffic Blogger, so stay tuned for that.

Anyway, I had better get back to my packing….talk to you all soon.

Hanging Out at an Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas

For anyone involved in internet affiliate marketing a visit to an Affiliate Summit at some stage is a must do exercise.

Paula and I were at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas in 2008. This was our second Affiliate Summit and we were much more confident this time around. We were no longer unsure of how to approach Affiliate networks and merchants especially as a few of our sites are on page one of Google which gives us a little credibility.

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to earn an income with your website or blog. Simply join up with one of the Affiliate networks such as CJ,, Affiliate Traction, Link Connector,; join a merchant program that suits your website and place the merchant ads and/or banners on your site. It is certainly a way to gain a bit of extra income.

For those of you who are really interested in getting started in Affiliate Marketing, Paula and I can thoroughly recommend the James Martell method of learning. Everything is outlined in small (baby steps), easily understandable sessions and James is a patient, thorough teacher

Affiliate Summit 2008 At The Rio – Las Vegas

When we attended the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas we had the pleasure of meeting up with Affiliate Marketing Guru, James Martell , his lovely wife Arlene, Phil the tech guy and a small contingent of other students.

paula-and-arleneHere is Paula and Arlene at the Summit Registration desk  Arlene has a website devoted to moms with children who suffer from epilepsy.

The site is called and is a must visit for anyone who has a child with this condition. Arlene has been through the trauma of having a child with epilepsy so she knows what you are going through and her site is full of information and resources to help any parent in this situation.

The conference was full on as always and the information gained makes this meeting well worth while for anyone in the Affiliate Marketing business.


Being at the Affiliate Summit and meeting with our fellow students was a lot of fun, usually we communicate through the online bootcamp sessions and the forums that James has put in place to assist us all.

We spent some time talking to the lady from Popshops. Anyone who has an Affiliate Marketing site will find Popshops to be invaluable as a time saving tool that we recommend.

We touched base with a number of Affiliate Networks with a view to getting more good quality, high converting merchants on our sites.

This all equates to $$$’s in the long run so the Summit is the place to be.

If you are looking to monetise your website or blog, it pays to deal with the Affiliate Networks who help to protect your income by making sure you do receive your payments and working with a Network makes it easier to find merchants with products relevant to your site.