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A New Name for Our Newsletter

We want to say a big thank you to all our readers who entered our newsletter competition.  There were some really great suggestions and, of course, we found it quite difficult to make a final decision. However,  as the days went by we found that one name kept coming back to us time and time again so in the end we knew it had to be the one. This name encompasses our philosophy of staying focused on your business, focusing in on a few things at a time in order to provide quality and value, focusing on backlinking – you all know how it goes by now focus, focus, focus and you will see the rewards.

So after much deliberation the name we have decided on for our Newsletter is ‘Affiliate Focus‘  which was provided by Rachel. Thank you so much Rachel;  we will be emailing you to get details so that we can send you your Amazon Gift Card.

We also noticed that a  number of people mentioned that we should be using our names in our newsletter so we have decided to do just that, so our newsletter name will read as “Affiliate Focus with Paula and Wanda’. Thank you to those who pointed out that we should be promoting ourselves as our brand now that we are becoming known in the affiliate world, it was something that we had simply overlooked.