10 Supercharged Attention Grabbing Headlines for Your Blog Posts

Have you ever struggled thinking of a catchy headline for your blog post? I know I have. Whether it’s your own post or a guest post you are writing, the content can sometimes be easier than writing the title. For me, I often change the title numerous times before I actually publish the article.

It’s important to try and get the title right because it can be the deciding factor between a visitor to your site reading your post or clicking the back button. The content might be fantastic but if the title doesn’t grab them and draw them in, then they are never going to read all that fantastic content that you have spent hours writing.

Plus, when someone has searched for a topic in Google, and your post is sitting on page 1 in the midst of all the other posts, what is it that is going to make your article stand out from all the others?  Well,  it’s the attention grabbing title that is going to entice readers to come to your site?

Let’s put it this way, which of the following articles would you be more likely to read?

  • The Disadvantages of Drinking Coffee


  • Warning…Coffee May Be Dangerous to Your Health

Or what about this one?

  • Ideas for Making Money Online


  • 7 Surefire Ways to Make Money Online Fast

And this one?

  • Cordless Drill Review


  • Read Why this is Rated the #1 Cordless Drill


The 3 Golden Rules for Writing Blog Post Headlines

Okay, maybe they aren’t golden rules but I just wanted to get another catchy headline in this post. Still, these are important to remember when writing blog post titles:

  • Keep the title short but simple – You really want to try and keep it under 10 words but if it makes sense to go longer then go for it.
  • Ensure the title matches the content – It’s all very well trying to write a catchy title but if the content has nothing to do with the title then your visitors aren’t going to bother reading anything else on your site.
  • Keywords – Yes, keywords are still important so try and get a keyword or two in the title if possible. Just don’t overdo. Personally I prefer to write the title first without even thinking of keywords and only then do I think about trying to get a keyword in, but only if it sounds completely natural.


10 Attention Grabbing Headlines

Let’s take a look at some blog post titles that will grab your readers attention. This is a list of 10 which we have taken from our latest ebook – Guest Blogging Essentials, but there are over 60 of them in the book.

1. The Secrets of…

Starting a headline with the words “The Secrets of…” can’t help but grab someones attention.

  • Eg. Secrets of Making Money Fast
  • Eg. The 7 Secrets of Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee


2. Did you know…?

Getting your readers curiosity peaked can entice them to read further, although you have to be careful that you don’t give away too much in the title.

  • Eg. Did You Know that Coffee is Actually Good for Your Health?
  • Eg. Did You Know that 70 People Die Each Year from Shark Attacks?


3. Warning signs…

This one is always a good one for health articles but it can work for just about any niche.

  • Eg. 5 Warnings Signs That You Might Be Going Deaf
  • Eg. 10 Warnings Signs That You Might Be Addicted to Coffee


4. How to instantly transform…

This sort of headline implies to the reader that if they read on, their problem (whatever that might be) will be solved quickly, and who doesn’t want that?

  • Eg. How to Instantly Transform Your Blog into an Authority Site
  • Eg. How to Instantly Transform Your Life in 52 Easy Steps


5. Is it worth it?…

This headline can often work well for review sites. People don’t want to have to do the research and this sort of title implies that you have done the research for them.

  • Eg. Is Signing Up to Google Plus Worth it?
  • Eg. Is Buying a $600 Coffee Maker Worth the Price?


6. Five minutes, 24 hours, 30 days…

This type of title just about always works. It lets the reader know that their problem can be solved in whatever time period you set.

  • Eg. 30 Days to a Healthier You
  • Eg. The 5 Minute Plan to Changing Your Life


7. Should you be worried…?

Using fear and uncertainty can be a good way to grab your readers.

  • Eg. Should You Be Worried about 2012?
  • Eg. Should You Be Worried about Drinking Too Much Coffee?


8. The World’s Best…

This can work well for a review site. I mean, who doesn’t want to know which is the best of the best.

  • Eg. The World’s Best Sports Cars and Where to Find Them
  • Eg. The World’s Best Travel Destinations


9. Complete guide to…

This one is  definitely a winner, however you have to back it up with good solid content. You really can’t write a complete guide to anything in under 500 words.

  • Eg. The Complete Guide to Making the Ultimate Cup of Coffee
  • Eg. The Complete Step-by-Step Plan to Building a Better Blog


10. Sure-fire Ways to…

This is a favorite of mine. It implies certainty to the reader and works really well for any niche.

  • Eg. 10 Sure Fire Ways to Meet a Movie Star
  • Eg. 7 Sure Fire Ways to Get a Girlfriend
  • Eg. 5 Sure Fire Ways to Choose a Cordless Drill


The 3 Critical Factors You Need to Know to Make Money Online

Do you remember when you were young and your mum or dad (or other significant person in your life at the time) would tell you something extremely wise and life changing but it totally went in one ear and out the other? Today you might think back on it and say, “I wish I’d listened to them; my life would be a whole lot different now”.

Unfortunately, this is how most of us function when it comes to making money online. We want all the answers but we aren’t always prepared to take them on when we hear them. I know that in the early days, we learned the ins and outs of making money online from James Martell but did we really listen to what he had to say?…no not really. We took what we wanted from it all and played around with the sites and added content and tweaked the themes but when it came down to it, we didn’t really follow what he had to say. Why?…well looking back on it now it was mostly because we just weren’t patient enough and not being patient enough results in a cascade of problems. Believe me we kick ourselves now because had we followed James’ method right from the beginning we would have succeeded a lot sooner than we did.

When you aren’t patient enough you get to a point where you don’t quite believe in the process. And if you don’t believe in the process, you are either going to stop putting it into practice or you will start to tweak it a little putting your own spin on it until eventually it becomes nothing like the original method.

So for us, instead of writing long detailed posts, which is what James recommended, we went ahead and wrote hundreds of poor quality short unhelpful articles. And instead of focusing on just one website, which is again what James recommended, we kept building more and more sites. And instead of backlinking we spent time tweaking the sites. As a result, it took us a lot longer to get anywhere.

This is what happens to a good majority of people. We still get emails today from people who have purchased our Amazonian Profit Plan who have obviously not really taken it all in. For instance, we recommend working on only 5 product reviews at any one time. But instead we get emails from people saying they have added 20 or 30 reviews to their site and wonder why they aren’t making any money. They wonder if adding more will help. Of course it won’t because if none of the first 5 are making any money then why will adding another lot of reviews make any difference?

I know I am rambling on a bit here but what I am trying to get at is that in order to make a good income online you have to first of all be patient and second of all follow through on the process. It’s almost like baking a loaf of bread. If you follow the recipe exactly you get a better loaf. If you start tweaking by adding a bit more flour or a bit more yeast you might still get a decent loaf but if you start experimenting by omitting or changing some of the ingredients then it is pot luck as to whether it is going to turn out or not. You might get there eventually if you experiment enough but it will take you a lot longer than if you just stuck to the recipe.

There are plenty of recipes for making money online but in terms of affiliate marketing and the product review concept there are 3 critical ingredients you need to follow in order to succeed:

  • Choose a quality products
  • Write quality reviews
  • Get quality backlinks

Notice the one word that keeps repeating itself?…that word is QUALITY but most people making money online do everything but provide quality. It’s always more about QUANTITY for most people and it was for us also – hence why we built website after website. Fortunately we stopped at around 20 or so but a lot of people just keep going.

I know we have spoken many times about ‘Quality vs Quantity’ on this site but it’s something that needs to be repeated constantly because a lot of people just don’t get it. You really have to make quality your main focus and now more than ever because it is the direction that Google is taking. Google want to have quality sites ranking in their search engine. They don’t want to see poor quality spammy sites in the top 10 for any of their search results.

Even if we put Google aside for a minute, then it is still obvious that quality is important. It’s important because when anyone comes to your site they are doing so because they want answers. If you have a product review site they want you to tell them why they should buy the product. They don’t want to see a site full of ads, pop-ups and a short unhelpful review.

If you don’t focus on quality then you will really struggle with making money online. You have to make quality your number one priority if you want to succeed.

Let’s take a look in more detail:

1. Choose a Quality Product

When most people build websites they immediately start thinking about what niche they should pick. This is a big mistake in our opinion. There is this concept that some niches are better than others but nothing could be further from the truth. It has nothing to do with the niche because in reality every niche has both good products AND bad products.

People think that the secret to our success are the niches we have chosen so they go searching for our sites and try to replicate it all. But it has nothing to do with the niches because we make money from all sorts of niches. There isn’t one niche that does better than any other because it’s not about the niches…it’s about the quality products we have chosen within those niches.

Your readers don’t want to buy poor quality items. They want the best they can get for their money and your job is to find the best quality products and write about them. It’s simple really but a lot people don’t want to take the extra effort it requires to do that sort of research. They want to make money online but they don’t want to work for it.

2. Write Quality Reviews

Once you have chosen a quality product you then need to write a quality review. This is really a critical factor if you want your reviews to convert. It’s not just about getting your readers to the merchant and letting the merchant do the rest. Believe us when we say that because we thought the same thing. We wrote 300 word reviews for a long time thinking that the shorter the review the better as the reader would simply click over to Amazon for more info. Most didn’t stay on the page long enough to do that. They immediately saw the short review and clicked the back button. Those who stayed and clicked through to Amazon didn’t buy. Why?…because we gave them no reason to buy.

To ‘give someone a reason to buy’ means telling them why the product is going to benefit them in some way and/or why it is the best available compared to other similar products. If they have the benefits in their head, by the time they reach Amazon they are more likely to buy.

But it’s not just about slapping a few benefits on the page and hey presto you will make sales. It takes more than that. It means thoroughly researching the product until you know it inside and out because in most cases you won’t actually own the product. This means spending time on Amazon reading customer reviews and searching the manufacturers site for detailed information about the product and scouring the net for what others have to say about it.

It also means writing long detailed reviews that are around 1000 words or more. Our longest review now sits on our Affiliate Reviews HQ site and is over 4000 words long and we could have written much more. Remember that the person reading your review doesn’t have the product in front of them so they will want to know everything they can before buying. Don’t be afraid to add even the smallest of details.

The only way you are ever going to write really good quality reviews is to forget about the search engines because if you think about what the search engines want to see in the review then you are thinking about the money first and your readers second. So instead of worrying about the search engines, worry about your readers and what they would like to see in the review. If you do that you will always end up with well written helpful reviews.

3. Get Quality Backlinks

The final step in the process is getting quality traffic. This is where most people fail. They can often choose quality products and write quality reviews but the traffic part eludes them. The reason for that is that they are not patient enough. They start out all keen and send out some guest articles and maybe write a press release and do a bit of social networking/bookmarking and leave a few blog comments but because they don’t see anything happen straight away they lose focus. Their interest starts to wane and before they know it they are building another website because ‘the next website will be the one that makes it’ or so they think.

Or worse yet, they might pay someone $20 to get 1000 backlinks to their site. It just doesn’t work. We know this from experience, because like almost everyone else we too have tried this method in the past. You need QUALITY backlinks if you want to rank well in Google or any of the search engines for that matter, and the best quality backlinks you can get come from guest blogging. Yes, it takes time but it works. You can choose to continue to ignore backlinking or get someone else to add hundreds of spammy backlinks to your site or you can do it the right way and only focus on quality backlinks.

Just keep in mind that one good quality backlink is often better than thousands of poor quality ones.

The Final Ingredient

So what is the final ingredient? The final ingredient is you and whether you are patient enough to stick with the plan. Just remember that:

  • If you have chosen quality products then they will sell.
  • If you have written a quality review then it will convert.

All you need is the traffic but it can take a year before you really start to see some real action with backlinking. Are you prepared to stick at it for that long? You really have to answer that question because if you aren’t prepared for that then this isn’t the business for you and you will only find yourself in what we call the Affiliate Marketers Cycle of Doom. Sure you might have success in a month or two – lots of people have – but if it doesn’t happen in a month or two are you willing to keep at it until you do or will you just be off to build yet another website?

How to Create a Static Home Page on Your Blog

We have a number of websites and they are all structured in different ways but one of our favorite formats at the moment is to use a static page as the home page rather than the regular blog type structure. It works quite well for product based sites like our Amazon sites as it makes the site look less like a blog and more like a regular website. It also opens up a myriad of opportunities for adding different types of content to that home page.

When you create a static page for your blog what you are doing is essentially replacing the basic blog post format on the home page to just one single page. For instance, this blog’s home page has a list of blog posts listed down the page and that is what most blogs look like. However, if we decided to create a static page for our home page here, the blog posts would no longer appear and it it’s place would be one page of content.

Will This Work for Any WordPress Blog?

Technically speaking it will work on any type of WordPress blog but that doesn’t mean that it will actually suit every type of WordPress blog. This blog for instance has a community feel to it and readers leave lots of comments, so in this instance we prefer to have the blog style remain on the home page. We wouldn’t change it to a static page.

However, for some of our product sites using a static page is a much better option as we generally don’t get a lot of comments on our product blogs and not a lot of repeat visitors. For product sites, the blog style can be limiting in some ways especially if you really want to promote some of your best reviews which you can do extremely well with a static home page.

How Do You Create a Static Home Page?

WordPress have made it super easy to create a static home page. It’s just a matter of point and click. However, you still have to add your content of course but we will go into that a little further on in this article.

Here are the steps for creating a static home page in WordPress:

1. In your WordPress dashboard go to Pages –> Add New.

2. Create a page called Home Page (you can actually call it whatever you like). Add your content (refer below for more info on what to add) and Publish the page. (Note that you can create a full-width page if your WordPress theme provides you with that option).

3. In your WordPress dashboard go to Settings —> Reading and click the Static Page option and from the drop-down field next to it select the Page you just created in step 2.

4. Click Save Changes and go to your home page on your site and your new page will now be displayed.

How to Get Your Blog to Display Again

Now you all might be thinking where has my blog disappeared to if it is no longer displayed on the home page. In order to display your blog again you simply need to take the following steps:

1. In your WordPress dashboard go to Pages –> Add New.


2. In the Title field enter the world ‘Blog’. (You can call it whatever you like but Blog is the most appropriate title.) Don’t enter any content on the page. Leave the content field completely empty.

Static-Page-Pages-Blog3. Click the Publish button to publish the page.

4. Go to Settings –> Reading and from the Posts Page drop-down box select the Blog page you just created in step 2.


5. Click Save Changes.

Check out your website and you should now see a Blog option in the navigation bar. When you click on that you will be taken to your blog. If you don’t see it then it is probably because you have created a custom menu so you will need to go to Appearance –> Menus to add the Blog page to your main menu navigation bar.

What Sort of Content Can You Add to Your Static Home Page?

You really can add whatever you like to your static home page. Here are some options:

1. A Welcome box –  A welcome section is a great way to introduce yourself and your website. Add your photo and a short blurb about who you are and why you started the website. This can work particularly well for product review sites as most people gain a sense of trust when they see a photo of a real person. Here’s an example:

Welcome to my Cordless Drill Review site. My name is Paula and my goal with this site is to provide the best cordless drill reviews for all the major makes and models including Panasonic, Makita, Black and Decker, Dewalt and more. I hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

2. The top reviews on your site
– If you have purchased the Amazonian Profit Plan then you will know that we suggest that you start by creating five reviews for your website. You can promote those five reviews by linking to them from the home page. This is just a suggestion but you can create a heading called ‘Most Popular Reviews’ and under that add a thumbnail image of each product and next to each thumbnail add a short blurb about the product and a link to the review on your site. It might look something like this although we did use the Flexsqueeze theme to make it look as good as it does with the star ratings and the More Info button but it is simply a table which you can create in WordPress without the need for Flexsqueeze.

Panasonic Cordless Drill The Pansonic XYZ Cordless Drill is one of the best on the market for the home handyman. Read our full review of the Panasonic Cordless Drill.
Makita Cordless Drill This is my personal favorite. The Makita ABC Cordless Drill is a must have for any home handyman.


3. A directory menu linking to key posts/pages on your site. You can see an example of how this works  below. The home page uses a static page and on the page is a simple directory with two menu headings – one for the latest reviews and one for the latest comparisons. You don’t have to manually add the links to that directory each time you publish a new post or page. It all happens automatically because you can use a free plugin called List Category Posts.


5. Videos – You can add your own video or grab a video from Youtube to add to your static home page.

6. Widgets – This one will only work if you have a theme that allows widgets on pages and not just in the sidebar. We recently reviewed the Catalyst theme which has this feature. If you read the Catalyst theme review on our Affiliate Reviews HQ site you will see how we managed to create a home page on one of our test sites purely with widgets. This makes creating a home page extremely easy because you don’t have to play around with tables which often don’t always work very well. Being able to drag a widget onto your home page has to be one of the easiest ways to make a professional looking page.

7. Content – Google loves content so ensure that you don’t just have a home page that is only full of video and images.  Add a few paragraphs that include some of your top keywords.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with your home page. If you have any other ideas please let us know in the comments below.

The Affiliate Marketers Cycle of Doom

What is it about this business that causes people to take on too much? It’s something we had a problem with in the early days, until we got focused and on track, but for some reason it reared its ugly head again and we found ourselves back in that position all over again. For some weeks we were finding it difficult to stay focused on any one thing. Things just weren’t flowing as well as they should and we knew it was because we had been taking on too much. When this happens the work-flow becomes scattered and you start to spread yourself too thin so nothing of any consequence ever gets done.

As we were discussing this the other day Wanda said “I wish we had only built one website when we started – things would be a whole lot easier now.” And that in a nutshell is what it’s all about when it comes to being a successful internet marketer. If you can manage to focus on just one thing you can’t help but be a success. The more you take on, the longer it will take for you to make money and the less time you will have to do anything.

We not only had our niche websites but this blog, the new review website plus constant requests for interviews, joint ventures, the public domain projects we were working on, products we needed to write reviews for, constant emails to answer and on and on it went. We were even in the very early process of creating a membership site of sorts. No wonder we were feeling burnt out and a little frayed. As a result we seemed to be stuck in the same place with nothing really moving forward. Our earnings pretty much stayed the same even though we were doing more work.

Another sign that things weren’t flowing was that we would tend to flag after lunch and we really had no enthusiasm to get back to work so we would end up watching a video or going shopping, not that there is anything wrong with that, but it doesn’t help your business.

We knew something was wrong. But fortunately this time it was easy for us to figure out what that was because we had been through it all before when we were first struggling to make money online. Back then we were working on all of our 20 or so websites at the one time and it didn’t work then so why were we essentially doing a similar thing now? Go figure!

You’d be hard pressed to find an internet marketer who isn’t taking on too much. In fact, for some reason many internet marketers take on so much that they often work longer hours than they would if they were in a regular 9 to 5 job. I don’t see the point in that. One of the main reasons we came into this business was for the freedom it could give us. To me, it is more important than the money.

So ultimately we don’t want to be spending long hours working. Fortunately for us working on this business is an enjoyable experience for the most part so we don’t really consider it work. However, there are other things we would like to be doing so we don’t want to turn it into a 60 hour a week job.

Now this is just our story but I know that the majority of people reading this post will be experiencing a similar thing. Its hard not to because although making money online is simple, we make it as complicated as possible. And all those complications hinder our ability to make it all work.

In it’s simplest form, making money online involves choosing a product or service (your own or someone else’s), creating a page to promote that product or service and getting traffic to that page. What makes it complicated is how we approach it all. Instead of keeping it simple we do everything we possibly can to make it difficult. And the reason why it becomes a difficult process is that we don’t trust the process to begin with – we don’t trust it because it takes a while for that process to see results. In other words, it takes a while for it all to start making money.

So what happens with most people is that they create a website to promote a product and work for a couple of weeks getting traffic to that page but they don’t see any sales. Everyone tells them that they can make money overnight on the internet so why aren’t they?

So the doubt starts to set in and they think they are doing something wrong. So that website is ignored as they go out and find out what they can do to fix it. They end up on a blog or a forum and everyone is giving advice about which method works and which doesn’t. So they’ll buy another ebook, or two or three because each one has a better method for making money online. Only each one of those ebooks tells them something different so they are already confused as to which way to go.

By this time the first website is totally forgotten and they have three or four more websites on the go. Everyone says to add lots of content but there isn’t enough time so they go and buy some plr content and spin it or they get someone on an outsourcing site to write a hundred articles for a dollar a piece. Of course you aren’t going to get much for a dollar an article but who cares if the quality isn’t there – its content and Google loves content right?

By this point they have given up on backlinking because it is too difficult and time consuming so they start to look for easier ways. So they will happily pay a monthly fee to be part of a backlinking blog network that essentially gives them poor quality links or they will invest in various different plugins that will automate the system for them or pay someone to get them thousands of backlinks overnight.

Now they have 20 or 30 websites going because it is so easy to get them up and everyone says that the more websites you have the more money you will make but that’s not working either. Fortunately there is plenty of helpful constructive advise on the forum they regularly attend and someone says that they really only started making a decent income when they had over 100 websites. So off they go and spend hours building more and more websites.

By this time a year has passed and they still aren’t making much money. The hundred websites aren’t working since there is no time to backlink to them and you can’t really afford to continue to pay some backlinking company or blog network to get backlinks for you and you realize that those links weren’t much good to begin with. Plus the amount of time it takes to maintain them is quite draining and there is really no time left in the day to spend with family or friends.

By this time they are almost ready to give up but another email turns up in their email box with yet another method of making money online and it only takes an hour a day and they can be making money within weeks. It is totally different to what they have tried so they create a whole new website thinking that this will definitely be the one that makes it for them and they do everything it says in the ebook and three weeks later they still aren’t making any money. So they start to doubt the process again and forget that website and start looking for other new and easier methods to make money online.

Do you see how we’ve come full circle here? This is what I like to call the ‘affiliate marketers never ending cycle of doom’. I don’t think there is anyone out there who hasn’t gone through it and you can go through it over and over again for years and years. It’s a never ending cycle of creating more and more websites, buying ebook after ebook and going from one money making method to another without experiencing much success.

What to do if you know you are taking on too much

To be successful at all of this, you really have to be self aware. In other words, you need to step back on a regular basis and take a look at what you are actually doing. In most cases you will find that you are taking on too much. But it’s not only that, you will also find that you are never giving anything you take on a chance to really work.

Imagine that if instead of going through the affiliate marketers cycle of doom the fictitious person above focused on only one website for a whole year. Or even better, what if they focused on only 5 product reviews for a whole year. Most people would never consider doing something like that because they think it is too risky. What if none of those 5 pages ever ranks or what if the product I chose doesn’t sell? Yes, there is always that risk – unfortunately there are no guarantees in this business but I think most of us would agree that if we spent a year on just five pages of content you would see some magic happen.

If like us you are finding yourself with too much on your plate then here are some tips to help you get through it:

1. Spend a few hours writing out exactly what tasks you do on a daily basis. (I actually like the Action Enforcer software for this as it gives you a report at the end of the week that tallies up your tasks and the time spent on them so you know where you are spending most of your time.)

2. Once the list is written, take a look at it to see which tasks you are doing that are helping you to move forward with your business and which ones are just time wasters. You can set up two columns for this.

Time wasters are usually things like hanging out at forums for extended periods, Tweeting for hours at a time, Facebook, tweaking website themes, reading blog after blog, answering emails and so on.

‘Things that help you move forward with your business’ include things like backlinking, writing product reviews, reworking product reviews, writing content, and even more backlinking.

3. The ‘time wasters’ should really take up no more than an hour of your day. Anymore than that and you are wasting your time UNLESS you are actually making money from doing these things.

The ‘things that help you move forward in your business’ column should take up the majority of your time. If you want a simple easy working life then all you need to be doing on a daily basis is either writing really good content/product reviews and backlinking. It’s simple and you don’t need flash and fancy tools to do it. All you really need is just patience and a good work ethic.

Each individual task you undertake during your working day is either going to help you to move forward or it is going to waste your time. So as you work during the next week think about whether the task you are working on is actually helping you to move forward or not.

4. The next step is too look at the number of websites you are working on at the one time. If it’s more than two then that is too many. However, looking at your websites is just one part of the story. To really reduce your workload there is a better way and one we have spoken about in a previous blog post. What it involves is focusing on pages rather than websites. This works particularly well for people with multiple websites. In a nutshell it involves finding five pages on all of your websites that are getting the most traffic and reworking them to provide better quality content and then backlinking to them to increase the traffic even more. You can read about it in more detail here. When you start focusing on pages instead of websites things happen a lot faster. Life is also a lot more relaxed as you have more time in your day and things are a lot less frantic.

What did we do?

Since determining that we were taking on too much we decided that we would go back and start to work on one website at a time. We are tidying up some of the old ones and focusing on pages on those sites that are getting a bit of traffic. We are reworking those pages to provide better content and are choosing quality products to promote.

We have also put a hold on all interviews we are doing (except for ones already scheduled) and have decided not to create any membership sites or work on any new projects for the time being. We will continue to write for this blog and send out our newsletter but our primary focus will be our websites. So essentially we have less on our plate.

As soon as we made that decision, we both felt a tremendous sense of relief. And funnily enough since making that decision our income has increased. It’s like the universe has confirmed to us that this is what we should be doing. We also are back to enjoying the work and will happily work all day.

We have our focus back and it’s a great feeling.