Paula and Wanda

We are Wanda and Paula, two friends, who at one time, in a distant past, worked for the Australian Government.

One day, in 2003, Paula contacted me saying she had found a website by James Martell, talking about working online. She did a lot of research about Affiliate Marketing and decided she would like to give it a go. I wasn’t so sure at first, but after listening to her well reasoned comments I decided to come on board. So we began researching for a niche and we worked on getting everything in place while we continued to work at our regular jobs. Something we recommend, as you just don’t know how long it will take to see results.

After a while things began to move and we started to see an increase in our online income so I resigned from my government position to work full time on our online business. Paula continued on in her government position, while also working on our online business in the evenings, until we had a significant monetary increase.

It took about 5 years of hard work with very little to show for it. We probably could have made it sooner but we were so focussed on getting traffic when we should also have focussed on getting conversions. However, we have no regrets as we learnt a lot in that time. And now we know exactly what we need to do and we can show you how to reach your goal quicker, by not making the same mistakes we made.

This is definitely the ideal lifestyle for us, not does our online business afford us the freedom to work from home and be our own boss, but it also gives us the luxury to travel when we want, which is something we both love to do. The best thing about online marketing is that it is something anyone can do.

One of the things we are grateful for is that we have always learned from the best in the business – James Martell who taught us everything we needed to know about natural search and creating niche websites, Kyle and Carson from the Wealthy Affiliate University, Yaro Starak from Blog Mastermind and a variety of other well known internet marketing gurus via their blogs, eBooks and guides.

Over the years we have attended a number of industry related conferences overseas, even though we are based in Australia. Any excuse to travel and we will be there.

We are always looking for new ways to make money online and we love helping others to do the same, and that is why we have created this blog.

Our goals are:

  • To develop strong well written articles that over deliver in reader expectation.
  • To provide our readers with all the information needed to help them succeed because in doing that we will also succeed.
  • To listen to our readers and develop friendships with them as we all try to improve our Internet businesses.
  • To teach what we know without concern that we are giving away something of monetary value for nothing.
  • And most of all we will provide overall value to make our readers lives as Internet Marketers that much easier.

We know that you will find something of value on this site. Take the time to head over to our blog and leave a comment. We love comments!

Wanda and Paula

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