Back Again & Our New Business Model

our new business modelWell, I thought it was time for another post. It’s been a while but it was necessary to just stop everything we were working on and focus on just one thing.

Not focusing has always been our main problem with this business. It’s tough in the online arena to not get tempted to go in different directions. We always tell people they should focus on one thing first and wait till that is making money before moving on to something else and here we were totally ignoring our own advice. However, I feel like we now have things in place and we are determined to stay with it and just focus, focus, focus.

Our total business model has changed since we started in this business. We still use Amazon, but we do it in a different way and I have to say the new business model is much more fun.

The old business model involved the following:

  • create a niche website based on keyword research
  • find products in that niche to promote that met our criteria
  • write up good quality product reviews for those products
  • add Amazon links to those product reviews
  • get backlinks with guest articles to increase rankings and get more traffic
  • mostly hide behind the scenes – no public face
  • no email list
  • add a new product review or article every now and then

This worked extremely well for us, that is until Google hit and our sites tanked. Although we weren’t happy about it at the time, we got over it and we realised it was actually a godsend. We were working on websites that we had no interest in and the only thing that kept us motivated was that we were making lots of money. Plus, it wasn’t a self sustaining business model. No email list?…what were we thinking? Still it can be a little difficult getting people to sign up to a newsletter about printer ink, blenders or outdoor heating.

Either way, it was time for a new business model and I spoke about this in my last post, which was back in August 2016.

The new business model now involves the following:

  • create an authority website on a topic we really enjoy
  • create YouTube videos that provide value and are helpful
  • become an authority in that niche
  • send people to the website via YouTube
  • create helpful articles, tutorials and product reviews for the website
  • write reviews and add affiliate links where appropriate
  • create training programs and other products to help people in that niche
  • build an email list

Now we didn’t just decide one day to run with this business model…it kind of just developed on it’s own.

I know I have mentioned in previous posts that we are now focusing on our craft website. Well as of this month, our main focus moving forward, is going to be training programs for that site. We enjoy it and we get to help people and make money at the same time. Our audience is made up of a lovely group of people. The demographic, as you can imagine for a crafting and quilting niche, is female from around 45 years and up. Both Wanda and I are in that demographic ourselves so it works well for us.

What’s next? Well, we have started to think about two things:

  • marketing
  • webinars

In terms of marketing, we just don’t have the expertise in that area and it shows. We could do so much better. So with this in mind, we started by purchasing the Wealthy Marketer training provided by Harv Eker. It’s a 6 week online program and we have just finished week 3. I will be writing up a review of this program so stay tuned for that. We have picked up a few things, but we are hoping there is going to be a bit more substance. However, I won’t say anymore until the training is complete and I get the review up.

We are also looking into creating webinars. We want to be able to share some of our knowledge but in a more chatty relaxed way than with the normal tutorial based videos we create for our YouTube channel. We also want to be able to create webinars for when we are ready to release a new product.

We are still in the very early stages of webinar creation. We haven’t even chosen a webinar provider but so far we are liking Webinarjam. Back when we were first thinking of creating webinars, the only decent one was GotoWebinar and they were quite expensive back in the day and I think they still are – a minimum of $100 a month for only 100 participants! That’s a bit much especially if you are just testing the waters to see if  webinars are a right fit. Fortunately, there is a bit more competition now and the prices are a little more reasonable.

I’ll be posting more on how we go with the Webinars as we progress and as I say that, I just realised that I have committed myself to writing up some blog posts for this site again. That wasn’t my intention when I came in to write up this particular blog post, but I have been thinking of this site a lot lately so maybe now is the time to get back to it. We’ll see how we go as I don’t want this to take up time that could be spent on the craft site….remember, focus, focus, focus.