Why We Got Rid of Our Websites & Shut Down Our Podcast

minimalism and online marketingI recently read a blog post where someone mentioned creating a Word for the Year. This is where you choose a word that encapsulates your main intention for the year. It can be one word or a group of words. For some, it’s not always easy to find that word and in fact, you can take courses to help you find that word, but for me it was easy. I knew straight away that my word was ‘minimalism’.

I have been wanting to declutter for some time now and in fact, have been slowly doing this with household items but I really wanted to get serious about it. The house was still filled with so many ‘you never know when you might need it’ items and it was time to let them go.

This has taken up much of January for me and Wanda has come onboard as well and is doing the same with her home. In fact, she has gotten rid of far more than me.

It’s a liberating feeling getting rid of ‘stuff’. It feels like a weight off your shoulders. It essentially means that you have less stuff to worry about and to be honest, most people in western societies have more stuff than they will ever need just sitting in boxes in the garage. Some people have so much stuff that they pay companies to store the excess.

So since we are both focused on a more minimalistic approach it was only natural that this would apply to our online business. Last year, we just did too much and as a result by Christmas we were just burned out. We really needed to reassess what we were doing and get into a ‘declutter the business mode’.

This has meant a big change to the number of websites we currently own. Some of these were websites we had when we first started online so they held some sentimental value for us but we were in the right frame of mind to finally let them go.

Our criteria for getting rid of those websites was whether they earned enough to cover the cost of running them. Most didn’t so we just let them go. This has resulted in us going from around 30 working websites down to just 15.

Because we had so many websites, it was difficult to manage them. All those things you need to keep in mind like remembering passwords and which hosting company they were with, ensuring Wordpress and plugins were updated and domain names were renewed. And we would often think that if only we had more time, we would be able to work on them and get them making money again. So they were constantly in the back of our mind…yet another thing to think of.

Finally getting rid of them has been a really freeing experience. It has has allowed us to combine the majority of the remaining websites into one hosting account. This meant, we were able to close down one of our hosting accounts completely. So apart from the money saving, it is one less thing to worry about.

We have also decided to close down the podcast for this website. We really like the idea of doing podcasts and they are a great way of getting traffic to your website, but we had to weigh our options and we knew that this particular podcast had to go. So today we shut it down.

One final thing we did was to reduce the amount of videos we are recording for our YouTube channels. At one point, we were creating 3 a week. That was way too much work as we not only had to record but do all the preparation before hand and then spend time editing the videos.

This is really just the start. We intend to declutter even more so because decluttering not only gets rid of stuff and reduce workload but it also declutters the mind. The less ‘stuff’ you have to think of, the clearer the mind becomes.

We are already finding that the lightened workload is having a beneficial effect on our wellbeing. We are able to take time off and get back to having experiences rather than being stuck at home working on the business so completely. Creative ideas are flowing more freely and work has once again become enjoyable. So if you are doing way to much, sit back and evaluate just what you can downsize to get your life on track.


  1. My word for this year is SUCCESS!
    Let 2016 be our best year so far.

  2. Hi Paula,

    Crickey, I thought that you ladies had packed it up all together.

    You have been such an inspiration to me that I would be very sad to know that you have left the game.

    I do agree that scaling down is a good thing to do. I have one main website but have tried to start others. The truth is that I only have time for the one website. It takes al ot of work to make it succesful with writing content and doing outreach.

    My initial aim for 2016 (set in December) was to make 3 x my 2015 income and so far I have already made 50% of what I made in 2015 though admittedly 2015 was my first affiliate year. Htereforel uckily I will have to reset my goals (5 times 2015 profit would be nice).

    So I just want to close this post by saying thank you as you, without knowing it, have been a great inspiration to me. :-)

    • That’s awesome that you are doing so well Marc and thank you so much for your lovely comments.

      I definitely agree that one website is enough. We have multiple websites but it really is impossible to work on all of them. at the moment, we only really work on two websites and that is plenty. The rest are just updated every now and then, and personally I would love to get rid of them, but they are making us money so no point doing that.

      I think you should just continue working on the one and when you reach your goals then you can maybe start another. And the only reason to start another is in order to diversify as you never know what Google is going to do next.

  3. This is a good idea. I own a bunch of websites that also have sentimental value. I keep them around hoping one day I’ll get around to making them big money makers. But the truth is that you’re right, I’d have much more time to focus on the sites that generate the most income and I’d save a bunch of money doing it. After reading this, I think I will lighten the load and delete some of the old stuff and maybe sell some of my domains or websites. Anyway, good article, well written too.

    • It also feels so much better when you get rid of all that extra stuff. It’s like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders.

  4. Thanks for sharing Paula. I am new to affiliate marketing with Amazon and I am glad I found your blog. I have decided to build only one website for now and focus on only a handful of products for this year (5) until the site starts making money. I choose to focus!

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