AB 004: How We Get (Genuine) Subscribers on YouTube

YouTubeOur main focus lately has been our YouTube channels and as a result we have been researching heavily on how to get more subscribers to those channels. Subscribers are extremely important because they create a following, they provide valuable feedback, they interact with you and like your videos, and they are your loyal fans.

We have two main channels that we are focusing on at the moment – our ASMR channel which is just about to reach 20,000 subscribers and our Alanda Craft channel which has just reached 5000 subscribers (as of 17 Nov 2017 this has reached 32,700 +). Bear in mind, that these are REAL subscribers. We haven’t purchased subscribers nor do we run competitions in order to gain subscribers. These subscribers have come about simply because they like our videos. They are the best type of subscribers you can have.

Which leads me to an important point…DON’T EVER BUY SUBSCRIBERS! How do we know this?… because in the past, we tried this on one of our old YouTube channels (which we no longer work on). It doesn’t work because even if those subscribers are real people, they will not watch your videos, they will not Like your videos, and they will not comment on your videos.

In this podcast, we talk in detail about the techniques we used to get the number of subscribers we have and here is a summary of those techniques:

1. Create Quality Content

This is absolutely the most important thing you can do when creating YouTube videos. If you’re videos are poor quality, or don’t provide all the answers, or simply don’t meet the expectations of your audience then you won’t get subscribers…it’s as simple as that.

2. Ask for Subscribers

Seems simple doesn’t it, but all you need to do to get more subscribers is to ask for them. This can mean writing a short line in the Description field under the video to ask the viewer to subscribe, adding an Annotation in your video asking them to subscribe, or simply verbally asking them at the end of the video.

3. Increase Upload Frequency

The more videos you upload, the more subscribers you are likely to get. This certainly doesn’t mean that you need to upload every day, but if you are only uploading a video every now and then,  perhaps you need to rethink your strategy, as uploading more regular, good quality videos is going to result in more subscribers.

4. Use Custom Thumbnails

Using Custom Thumbnails is very important. If you don’t use a custom thumbnail, YouTube will simply select a screen shot from your video and use that. This screenshot may not always let the viewer know what to expect from the video. Creating your own thumbnails can make a massive difference to view counts and more views leads to more subscribers.

5. Be Yourself

Don’t try and copy someone else on YouTube just because they are successful. Just be yourself.

6. Use a Channel Trailer

This is something that we are about to implement on our craft channel. The Channel Trailer is what an unsubscribed person sees when they see your Channel page. The Channel Trailer needs to show this person what they can expect from your channel and needs to be short and snappy – under a minute is ideal.

7. Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Blog

You can add a YouTube Subscribe button to your blog. We will be doing this on our blog posts that feature a YouTube video.

8. Use Keywords Effectively

This is so critical and yet not many people do this correctly. Keywords can make a massive difference to your rankings if you use them in the right way. You need to ensure that you choose the right keywords for your niche and place them in the Title, Description and Tags fields under each video.

9. Reply to Comments

Replying to comments lets your viewers know that there is a real person making these videos, plus if you have helped someone out by answering a question they are more likely to subscribe to you.

10. Hold a Giveaway?..hmm, maybe not

We have found from our own experience that holding a giveaway is not a good way to get subscribers. We tried this on our blog to get people to sign up to our newsletter and all we got were people interested in winning a prize. You will not get people who are really interested in you by holding giveaways. The only time you want to hold a giveaway is to thank your current subscribers but don’t use it as a way to get new subscribers.

11. Keep Your Intro Short

If you have an intro for each of your videos, then keep it short. Anything longer than 10 seconds starts to become too long and people will click away. I have seen intros as long as 2 minutes and all I really want to do is fast forward it. Keep it short and snappy.