Can You Make Money With Fiverr? – Our Personal Experiment

fiverrJust recently we uploaded a video training package to our membership site on how to make money with Fiverr. This wasn’t a training program that we personally developed but it looked pretty good so we purchased the rights to it. We watched it through and decided to test it out ourselves to see if there can be money made on Fiverr.  So what you are going to read here is our personal case study.

What we wanted to do was add something that involved us only having to do the work once. We didn’t want to have to take action each time we made a sale because for $5 it really wouldn’t be worth it. I’ll get into what we did further along in this post but essentially if you really want to make the most out of Fiverr, you don’t want to spend an hour of your time making a measly $5. You want to maximize that $5 as much as possible.

So here are two ways that you can do that:

1. Create extra gigs for more money – In Fiverr, you can create a gig for $5 but you can also add extra gigs to that gig where you charge more for other services. So for instance, your $5 gig might be to write a 300 word article. Then under that gig you might add an extra service where you write a 600 word article for $10 and a 1500 word article for $20.

2. Do the work once -In this situation, you are usually selling a product of some sort. It might be an ebook, graphics, audio or plr content. So the work you do is upfront. You create the product (or purchase the rights to a product) and once the product is created there is no more work to be done other than to send it to the buyer.

Since we wanted to keep our workload down, we went with the second option.

The gig we created basically offered a pack of royalty free music which we had the rights to sell.

It probably took us about half a day to set it all up as we needed to zip the music up and upload it to one of our websites so the buyer could download it, We also wanted to make a short video with samples of the music because apparently Fiverr gigs with videos do better. And finally we needed to work out the wording, title and keywords for the Fiverr gig.

So we did the work once and from then on when a purchase is made all we need to do is spend about a minute or two responding to the buyer and providing them with a link to where they can download the music.

Our Results

We published the gig on January 18. You can take a look here if you are interested. Almost immediately we had a sale. Okay, it was from someone we knew but it did get us excited.  The day after we had a second sale, this time from someone we didn’t know.

As of today we have had 5 sales in total. Okay, we aren’t going to become millionaires from this but imagine if we had 10 gigs up there each making $5 every few days and what if we added those ‘extra’ gigs for even more income. We could potentially make $100 a week or more quite easily.

It’s important to note that we haven’t actually promoted this gig anywhere so the sales are purely from people searching for our gig in Fiverr.

Also this was just an experiment, we haven’t added any more gigs or extra gigs to our original gig. Maybe when we have more time we will add more. But in the meantime we just wanted to see if it works so that we can provide you with the result. So result of experiment – It can and it does work.

Overall, I really think there is money to be made in Fiverr. What are your thoughts? Have you tried it and had any success?



  1. Hi girls :)

    Thank you for this article. You gave me very good idea. I was trying to sell something at the same price through JVZoo but I think I will be better off in Fiverr. I have one question. How do you deliver a product withing 24h? If it’s link, then everyone can share it. Thanks :)

    • We have the link within a blog post that is password protected. And we change the password regularly.

      We are online every day so have no problem delivering the product within 24 hours. We just reply to the buyer and that takes no more than a couple of minutes because all we are doing is writing them a short note and adding the link and login details.

  2. Still I didn’t try it but I would like to try it out in near future.

    • I haven’t tried it either Lawrencia but really thought this post was excellent and actually our daughter is expecting her first child (our first grandchild) and was looking for something to do online so she could stay home with the baby. This might be just the thing for her! I have checked out Fivver and used them, so I know there is money to be made.

  3. peter mcgrath says:

    What a great idea for a fiverr gig collecting up a fever public domain tracks and mixes and then selling them as a fiverr gig
    Very clever I like it
    have a nice Sunday
    cheers peter mcgrath

    • Actually they aren’t public domain. Well some might be, we can’t guarantee that. But these tracks come from 3 separate retailers.

      Either way, we didn’t go searching for public domain tracks although that is a great idea. It just would have taken us too long.

  4. Fiverr has always been my source to find top quality stuff at a low cost. I even able to find a good whiteboard video designer for only 5 bucks. It’s a great network

    • We just created our first video using that white board technique. We found some software that allows you to create them yourself so you don’t have to pay anyone. You can try it out here – Click here

  5. If the service gets a good promotion, it has all chances to become a very succefull one. But a lot of work needs to be done.

    • Yes,, I don’t think it is as easy as posting the gig and doing nothing else. Promoting it will make a big difference to how well it will go.

  6. Hey! I am new in blogging line..! can you help me with some ideas abot making backlinks..? and y are they useful..? other than leaving comments on blogs..

    • Guest blogging is a good way to get really good quality backlinks. Just do a search on our site for ‘guest blogging’ and you should find a few articles on it.

      For social backlinks, we recommend using a service called SocialADR. We have just started using it and it is working really well for us.

    • Guy, I understand how you feel. Frankly, getting backlinks couldn’t be that ease, though it really pay off if you can commit to it.
      Here are the few ways I go about it
      -leaving quality comment on related blogs
      -submitting quality articles to article directories with a link back to your site
      -Guess posting on other people’s blog
      -bookmarking your post any time you update it.

      Those are just few of them. Meanwhile, I can really help you when it comes to blog commenting. That is what I do on

      Have a nice time

  7. Very interesting idea. You lovely ladies always seem to come up with the best money ideas I´ve come across.

    One thing I would be interested in knowing though is where do we find items that we can offer on Fiverr like you have done?

  8. Hi Paula
    This looks really interesting. I was looking for something I could do in my spare time to earn a bit of money that I could then use for advertising purposes. I will have a look at fiverr could be worth a go. I don’t want to use money I already have but wanted something that was coming in from a different source.

    Great heads up thanks lee

    • It’s worth trying Lee. So far we have had 8 sales so that is pretty good considering we haven’t promoted it at all.

      We are going to be adding more gigs in the near future because it’s just an easy way to make passive income.

  9. Hi, Fiverr is a big hit idea. I recently ordered quite a number of gigs on Fiverr and I am very satisfied with the quality of service people are offering even for just a $5 ! Impressed with the service, I am planning to give it a try as a seller too. Lets see how things move.


  10. I am already making money with Fiverr. Although i am not new to this thing but after reading your post i came to know about some really important and basic topics. Thanks for sharing this post.

  11. I use Fiverr quite a different way. Order a gig from Fiverr, and resell the service in some online forums. This actually works and it’s not bad since you barely need to work much ;)

  12. Long ago, I tried Fiverr to get writing gigs. I can tell you, following the second model is much better. In that way, you can maximize your income fast.

    • It would be hard work writing articles for $5. So yes, definitely the second option is better. It’s definitely not as stressful that’s for sure.

  13. Long days back i tried fiverr, its working fine for me, Your article is really good.

  14. I use Fiverr quite a different way. Order a gig from Fiverr, and resell the service in some online BLOG

  15. Paula,

    Got an idea for you unless you thought of this already. I would use Fiverr and the Fiverr clones to build a huge buyers list. The gigs could be used as a way to collect email addresses before the buyer receives the product. Imagine running multiple gigs on the Fiverr sites and building a huge buyers list. You can then build a relationship with that list and later promote other products and services. What do you think?

    • So how exactly are you going to get the ‘buyers list’? Do you mean that anyone who purchases something from you on Fiverr would be added to the list?

      • Yes! I have someone who is doing this with local businesses. He offers a gig on how to generate leads into your business. It’s video that shows how to setup an email capture page and he provides a few other ways to get leads. In order to get the video you have to opt-into his list. Then after a few emails and building a relationship with the list he upsells them on other services. He landed a 3K/month client for SEO and reputation management with that strategy.

        • Nice one! People actually pay him to sign up to his list…I like it!

          It’s pretty amazing what you can do with Fiverr.

  16. Very interesting idea. You lovely ladies always seem to come up with the best money ideas I´ve come across.

  17. Very interesting article. I have used fiverr as a customer (for backlinks) and was quite pleased with the service. I think you need to be pretty selective about who you deal with.

    I think you are exactly right with offering gigs. If you are going to make it worthwhile for yourself then it is best to do something where you only need to do the work upfront (like your royalty free music idea) otherwise you will be working for peanuts if you need to tailor each peice of work to individual customers.

    Great information thanks.

    • You definitely need to be selective. Even those with really good feedback aren’t necessarily that great. We’ve had experience first hand but fortunately you can get your money back if the seller doesn’t do the right thing.

  18. I was looking for something I could do in my spare time to earn a bit of money that I could then use for advertising purposes. I will have a look at fiverr could be worth a go.

  19. I tried Fiverr to get writing gigs. I can tell you, following the second model is much better. In that way, you can maximize your income fast.

  20. Actually i didn’t have idea about fiverr .. But After reading your article i feel that i’ll also get some advantages for this :) Thanks For Sharing This Beautiful article :)

  21. I’ve tried Fiverr few times, but nothing comes out of this, well competing with low quality, automated services isn’t easy when you offer something that cost something more than 5 bucks. I personally think that it is better to try some of the freelancer websites and bit on these projects and make much more money, offering “real” services.

    • Yeah, I think it depends on what you have to offer. It can be difficult to compete with those automated services especially if you are offering a quality service.

  22. Coolio. I’d never heard of Fiverr before. I checked it out. Looks like a good idea, although I suspect scalability to be an issue for most services provided.

    Still, learned something from this post, which was was well written.

    Thanks :)

  23. I did my own fiverr experiment, too. I had my first order within 48 hours. In the next two months, I had a lot of business writing articles and building hubs/lenses and reached Level 2 seller status (that was my goal so I could return to it if I want). Overall, it helped me make some needed cash on a short term basis, but long term, I definitely didn’t feel I was getting paid properly for the time it was taking.

    • I have to agree Catherine. It’s not something you would want to do on a long term basis if you have to work hard every time you make a sale.

  24. I realize that would be great sellers fail on Fiverr because of lack of Fiverr knowledge and the insight needed to keep ahead of the game. For sure you can make money $5 at a time but as Paula pointed out, it all boils down to what you choose to offer.

    At first, I wasn’t making money on Fiverr either. Eventually a friend share a very revealing book on Fiverr written by Justen James and everything began to change for the better with my new knowledge. I think the book is on Amazon. I recently received level 2 rating.

  25. Before we put any gig on the site, we want to do a little bit of research to see what’s out there. To see what the top performing gigs are like and see how we can compete with them. So what I’m going to do as part of my initial research, is I’m going to check out the top 3 gigs from my category.

  26. Certainly it is possible to make a good wage from Fiverr and clones, but certainly it is good to make own twist of the strategy to make even more money.

  27. There’s money to be made, but I think it is so competitive, and there are so many people ready to outdo anything you are offering, that it is difficult to maintain sales. It’s great for those in developing countries, but for everyone else, it’s too easy to sell yourself short.

    • It is very competitive but I think it can still work. Our Fiverr gig is doing well. Lately we have had a sale every day or so. Although it will go through stages where we don’t have a sale for a week. Not sure why that is.

  28. Hi,

    I am working with fiverr since 2 years now. I tried to make money with it as a seller but without succes. You must offer more than others for $5 until you get another level. It’s a lot of a buyer things are more easier.

  29. Hi,
    Great blog about your progress on Fiverr. Personally I think it is a great way to make money online, you just have to be patient. I have been a member of the site since October last year, and you have to wait about 2-3 months before the orders start to come in for a gig as I gains views and improves its rating in the search ratings. I have had 100s of orders and am earning a comfortable 4-figure sum in half year.

    Check out my fiverr Check my gigs outhere

    I’d be happy to answer any of your questions about being successful and help you make it worthwhile as well.

  30. This is a good concept but for those who wants to make some bucks online. Personally i don’t like fiverr because the moneyis just to small. A $5 work can take up to 2 hours to complete. Anyway, it all depends on individual because some are actually makimg money doing this.

    • I can’t really say, as I had never heard of fiveer til recently. I have an account and fixing to launch my first gig. I like the concept of it and I think the key would be to brainstorm what all you can do. But if it is something which requires hours of work, then don’t do it. Only do things which would take minutes. As you said, $4 is not much. That would be my take on it anyways. Great advice from this article and thanks, answers a lot of questions. It seems that people do post to work about anything. Some of things I thought were ridiculous, but there are a lot of things I could offer and if you work it, with all of that in mind, I believe very profitable.