It’s Just All About the Money

This is an article we wrote for our Affiliate Tools HQ membership site but I thought it was important enough to post here.

In the past we’ve had some interesting experiences with people that really reveal how different we all are particularly in our attitude to money. It can oftentimes generate a negative reaction in a lot of people, particularly for those that don’t have much of it. And I know that even what I am about to write here will get a lot of people riled up. If that is how you feel about it when you have finished reading this, then you need this more than anyone. This is where you need to apply your focus because it will be affecting how much money you make in your life. Getting riled up and defensive about money usually means you have issues somewhere that need to be resolved. You have been brought up to believe one thing and you find it difficult to accept someone else’s view.

Just know that we are not here to rile people up, we just want to help you move forward in this business because I truly believe that one of the main reasons you aren’t succeeding is because of your attitude towards money.

A good majority of us are brought up to believe that either money is evil or that you have to work hard to get it…or both! If you were brought up in a lower or middle class environment then that is probably what you were taught.

I was brought up in a middle class environment although it started out more at the lower end of the scale. And although I wasn’t brought up by my parents to believe money was evil, I was brought up to believe that you had to work hard to get it. And then of course TV reinforced that only those evil, nasty, greedy people have money. So for quite a period in my life, I wasn’t really favorable towards the rich.

It wasn’t until many years later that I had a major turnaround. This came about through a mix of self-improvement authors and speakers until I realized that my thinking was affecting my ability to make money. If I thought the rich were evil then how could I ever be rich? I didn’t want to be evil so I couldn’t never make much money. Makes sense doesn’t it?

The problem was, the only reason I thought rich people were evil was because of just a bit too much TV. In reality, I had never met a really rich person. The only ones I had ever seen were on TV and they were usually typecast as a villain of some sort, or manipulative or some grumpy old miser. So what was I basing my opinion on?

This business that we are in is all about the money…that is essentially why people want to get into it. That and the ability to work from home. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that comes into it with the sole reason to help people. That may be a side effect as you move into the business but not the primary reason you came into it. You may not want to hear that but think about why you are doing what you are doing…you keep struggling every day to crack it because you want a full time income.  Would you still be doing it if there was no money to be made from it?

That’s why I can only laugh now when someone unsubscribes from our email list with the reason…”it’s all about the money for you” because I agree with them 100%. And yet, that person who unsubscribes is all about the money too….they just don’t see it.  If they are following our email list then they would most likely have a website and have affiliate links on their site. So aren’t they promoting something and making money from it? They should probably remove their affiliate links and out of the goodness of their heart give up their day job and just spend hours providing valuable information for free. Do you think they would do that?

We have to eat after all so yes it is about the money for us…well maybe not all about the money but it is important to us. We can say that out loud because we no longer believe that money is evil. We like money….can you say that and really mean it? It may be tough for many to accept that money is a good thing. If you want to live comfortably in this society then you need money…if you want to feed your family then you need money… if you really want to help other people in a big way then you need money. It’s as simple as that so why not enjoy it?

When you think about it, money is only a bit of paper or some numbers on a screen. Money is never the problem…people are the problem. Just like a gun is never a problem until someone stands behind it and uses it in the wrong way. So yes there are evil and nasty rich people, but there are also evil and nasty poor people. Do you think that being poor is going to make you a saint? Believe me, I’ve met plenty of poor people that I wouldn’t want to be breaking bread with.

If you have negative thoughts about money then it’s most likely that you don’t have much of it. You’d be hard pressed to find a rich person who doesn’t like money. They like it, they appreciate it and they use it wisely.

So it all comes down to this… if you want to start making more money than you currently earn then you have to change your thoughts about money. You are never going to make the big dollars while you have negative thoughts about it.

So how do you change those thoughts? First you have to recognize which negative thoughts you are holding on to. Here are just a few:

  • money is the root of all evil
  • rich people are evil/bad/manipulative/greedy
  • I have to work hard/long hours to make a good living
  • money doesn’t come easily
  • I never have enough money at the end of the week
  • money corrupts people
  • money isn’t everything
  • money isn’t important to me
  • I don’t need money to be happy
  • if I become rich I will have to look after my relatives
  • people will just expect money from me if I am rich
  • money doesn’t grow on trees
  • I don’t need much money to live happily
  • I’m always running out of money
  • you have to be dishonest to make money

Now you might be thinking that some of these are actually true and yes you’d be right. Of course you don’t need money to be happy and we know money isn’t everything and you may not actually have enough money by the end of the week. They all may be true but when these thoughts are your constant thoughts then you are essentially telling yourself that you don’t need or want any money. You get what you think about and if you constantly think that you don’t need money then you won’t have any money.

Then of course there are the excuses. The family is a good one. I am always fascinated when people say “my family is more important than money”. Of course they are, I wouldn’t doubt it for a second, but what the family becomes is an excuse not to make money. “I don’t have much money because I have a family to look after.”

The same applies to mortgages…”I don’t have much money because I am paying off a mortgage.”

Or “I don’t have much of an education so I can’t achieve much in life and therefore can’t make much money”.

All of these things are just excuses. Hundreds of thousand of rich people have families and mortgages and they are doing just fine. And some of the wealthiest people in the world had very little education.

You don’t want these excuses to constantly float around in your head. Sure they may be true now, but don’t make them an excuse not to move forward.

We get into a thinking pattern that keeps us stuck in the same old pattern day after day. And I say ‘we’ because we too are still not quite there. We’ve come a long way but we could do so much better. If we knew it all I’d have a house overlooking Sydney Harbour and be driving a Jag.

All I know is, that around the same time we started reading books and attending seminars about changing our financial thinking, things started to fall into place and the money started to flow in. Coincidence?…maybe, but in my gut I truly don’t think so.

What’s the Next Step?

Once you’ve figured out what negative thoughts you are holding on to, you need to keep a watchful eye on your thought patterns. Just think about how you talk to people about the economy, how much money you have, whether you can afford to buy something and so on. These will all reflect your attitudes to money.

If you keep telling yourself that you can’t afford this or can’t afford that, then you are continually reinforcing your lack of money.

Also, start being happy for people who have a lot of abundance in their life. If you feel jealous that they have more than you or you think they must just be greedy and manipulative to have that sort of money, then you are seeing them in the wrong way. You have to start liking rich people if you want to be a rich person.  Just remember that because they are rich it doesn’t mean they aren’t nice people and in fact it is the wealthy that usually donate the most.

Having money doesn’t make you a good person or a bad person – it is simply a way of buying stuff. It’s nothing more than that when you look at it.

Recommended Reading

  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – this is a must read if you want to change your money mindset. However, don’t be put off by the promotional stuff in the book. Just look past that because this book is invaluable for changing your money blueprint. It’s one of our favorites!
  • Robert says:

    Money is no evil :) The evil is how to plan to get these money. There is ethical an unethical way, the choice is yours. Sadly, people are dumbed with getting rich quickly, so they prefer the unethical way which is unsubstainable and risky

  • Julian says:

    Hey, Paula.

    Good to hear from you again! I’m glad things are working out for you two! I think maybe the person who unsubscribed was irritated with something specific. Maybe you sent them an email recommending some product that you’re an affiliate for. Maybe they see that new affiliateHQ site and think that you are going the way of some of these gurus who just make new info-products every other week to make money off of the noobs who will probably never do anything with the information. An example of this would be Potpiegirl.

    Maybe that person just took offense and thought that was the direction you are going. I know it’s sort of like a tradition to release an info-product after you have seen some good success with some particular MMO method; heck, I’ve my own info-product as well, but it’s off the market for now. Who knows? Some people are just weird. I’ve had people unsubscribe from my list for reasons so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh uncontrollably. I know you two actually care about the people you try to help! Go team!

    On a side note, how is your big website that got hit by the Penguin algorithm doing? Any luck with the new link removal tool? Keep up everything you two are doing here!


    • Paula says:

      Actually it’s happened a few times over the years and before we released our new membership site. But you can’t please everyone can you, no matter how hard you try. You just have to do what’s right for you and hope for the best.

      As for our websites that got hit there’s been no improvement on them. We are still yet to find the time to use the disavow tool because of all the work we have been doing on the new membership. When that all settles down and we get into a routine we are going to be looking at our back links closely to see what we can do to get some removed.

  • Shirley says:

    No Matter who you are or what you do you’ll never make everyone happy and that is a fact. It’s difficult not to take it personally when you really care,but you could stand on your head for some people and it wouldn’t make any difference.It’s who they are and complain is what they do best!
    There are certainly many hang ups about money. Scarcity is a big one,some think if someone else is making it then maybe there won’t be enough for them! Thanks for the post.

    • Paula says:

      I’ve learned a lot about people whilst in this business and one of them is that you’ll never make everyone happy, so yes I definitely agree with you. You can only really do what you think is right and not even try to please everyone because it will never work.

  • Hi, we all know that money flows around what we have got to do. Money is everywhere.

  • Lucy says:

    To tell you the truth, all the negative thoughts that you have mentioned are actually true in my cases. I believe in almost all of them and why wouldn’t I? But I guess, these thoughts are wrong after all, money is not evil but how we use it is evil, the same goes with everything.

    • Paula says:

      I think most people think the way you do Lucy – it’s just how we are brought up by both our parents and society so it’s really not unusual. I thought this way for so many years. Becoming aware of those thoughts are the key to making them go away.

  • Manishak says:

    You’re right. Its people who are the problem and not the money. You are a miser and money will never be enough even if you have millions in your bank and don’t have the attitude to spend money. Only if you can spend whatever you earn and have that attitude to enjoy your life, you’ll feel that you have earned enough.

    • Paula says:

      Yes, I think most of us tend to take life a little too seriously. I know I do so I am trying to change that attitude and enjoy life more. We all need to lighten up just a little bit.

  • Paul Profitt says:

    Hi Wanda and Paula,I believe that most people involved in the make money online niche. See it only as a way to make some quick cash. And once it doesn’t happen for them. They want to blame someone and that person is usually somebody like you or I.

    • Paula says:

      It’s easy to blame someone else for any problem in your life. It takes the pressure off when you can do that because you are no longer blaming yourself for your failures. We all do it to some extent – a good one is blaming the government for all the problems in the world, or blaming teachers because you didn’t pass your exams, or blaming your parents because you turned out bad and so on.

  • Bery C.P. says:

    Hi, we all know that money flows around what we have got to do I believe that most people involved in the make money online niche. See it only as a way to make some quick cash.

    • Paula says:

      I agree. I think that most people come into this business thinking it is a quick way to make cash. For me, it wasn’t about making quick cash but a way of working from home. I really wanted to get out of the daily grind of having to wake up at 6am every morning and have to go to work. I wanted to work for myself.

  • Frank Martz says:

    I had two blogs (about cars) and could NOT make enough money to maintain my family or lifestyle. The blogs kept me away from my real passion – cars. Plus, I was constantly getting writers block as they say. If you can make money with your sites, kudos to you! I was not one of those.
    So, if you can make $$ and love what you’re doing – more kudos to you!

    • Paula says:

      You definitely have to have a passion for blogging to enjoy doing it. So you’ve probably done the right thing by going back to focusing on your real passion.

  • venkata says:

    Hello Paula,

    We want to join the membership site..but have a few questions..sent you an email via the contact form.

    thx a lot.


  • Having money isn’t necessary for happiness for sure. But having none is a surefire way to be miserable if you can’t pay bills etc.

  • sonam kapoor says:

    Great inspiration about the money and the way we think about it. I agree with you that money is not the evil. Evil are our thoughts about the money and we can’t be good or bad by having money.
    You know many people in this world want to become rich, ohh let me correct I think everybody in this world want to become rich but they don’t do anything they sit quietly and make excuses. I also want to become a rich person that’s why I have interest in rich people I keep on checking the rich people list on FORBES rich list. I try to implement unique ideas , unique services which can ultimately make a difference. Off course my target is money but I concentrate more on creating things that can help this society and people associated with that idea and ultimately they will reward me with money.

  • Carl says:

    Few weeks ago, I’ve read similar article on my friends blog, well I think it is too complicated, so I will leave similar comment that I wrote on his blog too. Money aren’t everything, but are definitely necessary.

  • Matt says:

    hey Paula!
    Nice article. Very nice thoughts you have shared with us. i really enjoyed the whole article. i want to share a nice Saying that “you will be the richest person if you are contented with what you have.”
    and yeah you are right that, to be a rich person doesn’t means that you are not a good person. great article.

    • Paula says:

      I’m just loving the comments from people on this blog post.

      “You will be the richest person if you are contented with what you have”…that basically says to be grateful for everything in your life. That is the basis for The Magic.

  • Rich Blogger says:

    “The problem was, the only reason I thought rich people were evil was because of just a bit too much TV. ” I’m surprised by this, but I guess that makes sense. I’ve never believed money to be inherently evil, it can just make some people look bad when it’s out of context. I enjoyed your thoughts on keeping negative thoughts out. I 100% agree with you on that point, all too often I see bad things happen to negative people, and they don’t understand why! It’s all about attitude, attitude, attitude. Thanks for a nice post.

    • Paula says:

      I don’t know why, but in this society we are brought up to basically think negative thoughts. We generally see the bad side of things before we see the good side of things. It has just become a habit for most of us I think.

      • Rich Blogger says:

        I agree with you. Take a look for example at news every day in TV. There are almost no good news, only scary and bad news. Maybe it’s also the reason people have that attitude.

  • Brent says:

    My thoughts about money had held me back for awhile. Fortunately I was able to discover that the mind can be changed with new thoughts and since that discovery I have been able to move in the right direction.

    What has also helped me is to look at money in a different light… I used to view money as an object that had value attached to it. Now I realize that money attaches to value. The more valuable you are in the Universe, the more money will come to you.

    In other words, if you want money, you have to solve more problems!

    I know from being a member of Affiliate Tools Headquarters that you ladies are making money because you are providing a ridiculous amount of value (by the way of helpful content)… both on this blog and through your product reviews.

    So, hopefully anyone who wants to make it in the internet marketing world reads this post because I’d say that a person’s attitude (toward their work and their money especially) has 99% to do with what they are able to achieve.

    Anyways, thank you for the inspiring article!


    • Paula says:

      “The more valuable you are in the Universe, the more money will come to you. In other words, if you want money, you have to solve more problems! ”

      I love that Brent, that is so true. And yes, the amount of value you provide is key to it all I think.

  • walter says:

    It is true that money is the root of all evil, but many of those holding such believes are the people that have tried and failed in there bid to make money.

  • Aarohi says:

    Hey Paula !
    Awesome post.I must say, you have taught the ethics to be a rich person.
    I really liked this concept that saying “I don’t want money etc” will ruin you to earn enough money. if you would continuously say that you don’t need money, then you will not have money when you will need that.
    Moreover, you are right that all rich people are not bad or manipulative.

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