30 Great Twitter Tutorials and Useful Tips from Around the Web

Fluffy Twitter BirdTwitter has definitely become the place to be for anyone wanting to create a presence on the web. So with this in mind, we have put together 30 links to great Twitter tutorials, useful tips, hints and tools from around the web.

There are so many sites now that provide excellent information and advice for using Twitter effectively so it was actually difficult to choose what to include. But we think we have found some of the best to help both those new to Twitter and those that have been around for some time.

If you have any others you think could be added then leave a comment below and we’ll take a look.

The Basics

1. The Twitter Tutorial – if you have no idea what Twitter is or if you do you’re still not sure what it all really means then this is the tutorial for you. It should only take you about 5 minutes to go through this slideshow. I would have to say that this is one of the best little tutorials I have seen on the subject. Highly recommended.

2. How to Set Up a Twitter Account – another useful piece of information for those that are new to Twitter. This one includes both a video and written instructions.

3. How to Set Up Multiple Twitter Accounts with One Email Address – We have a number of Twitter accounts all using different email addresses we set up in Gmail and Yahoo. I wish I had found this post before setting them up – it would have saved a heap of time.

4. Twitter in Plain English – A quick video to give you the basics of Twitter.

How to Get More Followers

5. 5 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Presence – Another Problogger post

6. How to Grow Your Follower Numbers to Over 10,000 In a Week – See how Sitepoint gathered 10,000 followers in a week.

7. 7 Ways to Be Worth Following on Twitter – A few basics to get yourself in a good position to start attracting followers.

8. 6 Tips for Using Your Twitter Profile to Get New Followers – Tips for customizing your profile in order to attract more followers.

How to Be a Success on Twitter

9. 10 Traits of Effective Twitter Users – An analysis of successful Twitter users.

10. 8 Sure Fire Ways to Tick off The Twitterverse – How not to be a success on Twitter.

Twitter Feeds

11. How to Automatically Add Your Blog Posts to Twitter Using Twitter Feed – This is one I wrote.

Tips and Hints

12. 50 Great Twitter Tips and Secrets – A good comprehensive list of Twitter tips and hints.

13. 35 Twitter Tips from 35 Twitter Users – An old post by Problogger but still highly relevant.

14. Top 10 Twitter Tips for Beginners – Some of these are not just for beginners.

15. 8 Tips for Building a Strong Presence on Twitter – Some interesing tips here.

16. 55 Twitter Tips – Another comprehensive list of tips and hints.

17. 9 Advanced Twitter Tips – Some excellent tips here – worth reading.

18. 100 Serious Twitter Tips for Academics – Tips for instructors and students…and worth reading even if you aren’t an academic.

19. 137 Small Business Twitter Tips – You’ll need to click on the link to a pdf to view them…it’s worth it.

Twitter Applications

20. Is the Tweetie 2 Application Worth Buying? – Tweetie 2 is an application for the iPhone/iPod Touch. This is my review of the application.

21. What Twitter Application is Right for You – A great post about the variety of different applications available for Twitter including desktop applications and iPhone/iPod Touch, Blackberry and other mobile applications

Twitter Themes and Backgrounds

22. Twitter Background Gallery – Has over 1500 Twitter backgrounds as I write this post.

23. 10 Beautiful Customizable Photoshop Twitter Background Templates – I put together a list of customizable Photoshop templates. You obviously need Photoshop for these but it is worth the effort as you will have your own (almost unique) Twitter background.

24. TwitRounds – New backgrounds added daily.

25. 40 Free Artistic Twitter Backgrounds – A beautiful list of Twitter backgrounds.

26. Twitter How-To Design and Best Practice – If you are thinking of creating your own Twitter background this is a great place to start.

27. Create a Custom Twitter Background the Right Way – Another post that provides some tips on creating a Twitter background the right way.

Twitter Plugins, Tools and Widgets

28. 35 Awesome Twitter Plugins for WordPress – An excellent list to start with by W3Mag.

29. 10 Best Twitter Tools, Plugins, Widgets for WordPress – A nice list if you are using WordPress.

30. Must Have Twitter Plugins for Twitter Fans – Another list of plugins for WordPress.

31. Tweet Adder – I know we have reached 30 but there is always going to be one more to add. Tweet Adder allows you to run Twitter on autopilot or at least reduce some of the regular tasks you might want to perform. It’s not free but well worth the money.

If you have any others, please let us know in the comments below.


  • Wanda says:

    Great resource Paula. I really had trouble coming to terms with the benefits of Twitter, but the rise in sales through our blogs would appear to be,at least, in some part attributable to our twitter followers.

    • Paula says:

      Well it has certainly helped to increase our traffic. Would be nice to be able to track those visitors to see exactly where they end up.

  • DiTesco says:

    Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog. Appreciate it.

    BTW, I think that you have a good blog here and as part of my never ending effort to help everyone on the sphere, haha, I’ll give this posts thumbs up and will include it in my Echo. How’s that for a great posts? I am an avid Twitter users and my eyes pop up immediately when I see some useful and informative resources like this one.. Keep it up and to your success.

  • Mike CJ says:

    Wow! What a useful post! Thanks for putting so much effort into bringing all that information together for us.

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    Best post about twitter i have read

  • Brad Harmon says:


    I hope that I do not get hate mail from PETA, but I love your picture with the dyed chicks. Wow, this is a very comprehensive list. I still need to do a twitter background so I will be checking out the sites you listed.


    .-= Brad Harmon´s last blog ..Is Small Business Saying No Thanks to Social Media? =-.

  • Loralyn Tate says:

    An overwhelming amount of good information. So much to go through in one attempt. Thanks.

    • Paula says:

      It was just as overwhelming to put together. The amount of really useful information on the net is astounding so choosing the best was a little difficult.

  • Roseli A. Bakar says:

    Very helpful lists you have there !

  • Very good list Paula, you put so many useful links in our hands!
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  • Nigel says:

    Thanks for this great article, I have been struggling to get my head round Twitter for some time and I feel much happier with it now. Although there is still so much to learn.

    One thing I did stumble across that I think might be of interest to a lot of your readers, those who like you have multiple twitter accounts, is a site called http://www.slitweet.com

    Once you sign up with them, its free by the way, you can manage all your twitter accounts from on screen. You can also tweet from this site to whatever account you want.

    I haven´t used it much as I am still new to Twitter but what I have done with it seems to be very useful.

    Anyway, just that I would pass that on to you all.


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