Twitters LIST Feature – Is this the beginning of the end?

Today as I logged into Twitter I noticed an announcement at the very top of the screen introducing Twitters new LIST function. So I promptly clicked on the ‘Create New List’ option and proceeded to create my very first List. It wasn’t difficult and within about a minute or so I had a list of some of my favorite tweeters.

Twitter List FunctionAs I was doing this it suddenly occured to me that this could possibly change the face of Twitter forever…at least in terms of making money from it.

Let’s face it, the good majority of those on Twitter follow someone only to get them to follow them back. This is what Twitter has become. It is really just a big marketing network with each person trying to sell something. Even the big celebrities are there to sell themselves, their image, their next movie or whatever. There really are only a small handful on Twitter who use it to chat simply for the sake of chatting…and the reason there are only a few is that as a means of communicating it really is a clumsy system.

So if we want to make money on Twitter and we need followers to do that, then I can see the potential for the new LIST system to make it just that much more difficult.

This is how I see it…users are going to log in and head straight to their favorites list and hang out there. What this means is that they don’t get to see the full list of tweets coming from the regular list they are following…they only see the tweets from their favorites list.

Now I see this as a good thing because when you think about it, it can only increase the quality of the tweets on Twitter. I mean who is going to add a spammer or someone who is constantly promoting products to a favorites list? You are really going to have to start getting good with your tweets in order to be added to someones list AND ‘getting good’ means providing quality and not promoting products every second tweet.

If it happens to go this way, then a lot of people are going to leave Twitter as it will get harder and harder to make money with it. If enough people start to leave then Twitter’s popularity may just start to wane. After all, the only reason Twitter became as popular as it has is because of its money making potential. Or to put it another way, if Twitter suddenly made it mandatory that you could no longer promote products on the site, how many people do you think would actually be left on it? 

I believe that people really need to be able to continue to easily make money from Twitter if it is to maintain it’s popularity. If the money is no longer there then people will only leave looking for the next big thing to make them rich.

This could just be the beginning of the end for Twitter if this is how it all pans out. Hopefully my thinking is totally wrong and instead the new List system opens up a whole new world of opportunities. I guess we can only wait and see…

  • lawmacs says:

    Some very interesting thought here look at the positive you will have the oppurtunity to share things with some friends and again the ones that tweet just for tweet sake you could keep them a bay

    • Paula says:

      Yes I agree. I am really enjoying the lists – I can access my favorite bloggers and not worry about the rest…hmmm I think I have just confirmed my theory above…

  • Sire says:

    Hey Paula, I reckon you’re right in assuming that this will affect a whole lot of twitter marketers. But even so I feel that TweetDeck did that way before Twitter introduced this new feature.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..How To Turn Off The Internet On The iPhone =-.

  • Brad Harmon says:


    I don’t think Twitter is going away. It is currently the 14th highest site for web traffic in the world. It will certainly have a huge impact on spammers and on people who don’t know how to use social media properly anyway.

    According to the latest study, if you are trying to sell to consumers then you should be focusing on Facebook instead of Twitter anyway. It seems like most of the spam fits this category.

    Where Twitter is keeping up with Facebook (#2 in the world for web traffic) is in B2B relationships. I think that the new lists feature will only strengthen Twitter for these users.

    It will also boost web traffic and links to Twitter user’s sites now that Bing will be indexing tweets. Being combined in a list with similar tweeters to take advantage of this will be the new Twitter strategy to follow.


    • Paula says:

      It’s interesting that you mention that about Facebook. We have only just created Facebook pages for some of our blogs. Wanda had been reading about its potential so went ahead and did the work of creating pages. Within days we had numerous followers which was unexpected.

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