Blogging Using the WordPress iPhone Application

iPhoneToday I was reading a blog post where one of the commenters mentioned a WordPress application for the iPhone/iPod Touch. This immediately caught my attention as not only do I love to blog but I also love using my iPod Touch. Just combine the two and I am in heaven…well maybe not in heaven but you get the point.

So of course as soon as I read that comment I went searching for the WordPress app on my iPod Touch. It wasn’t hard to find, simply type in WordPress and it is at the top of the list.

The application is free of course and simple to set up. Just type in your blog URL and password. You can also add more than one blog.

I love the clear interface on this. It is very intuitive so you won’t need to read a how-to to start writing up a blog post. In fact, I am writing this post using my iPod Touch and I have only been using this app for the past 5 minutes.

You can view and edit posts, pages and comments quite easily with this app. And images can be easily added.

Once you have finished your post you have the option of previewing it to make sure it all looks pretty and neat.

I have to say that I’m actually finding this a whole lot easier to use than my desktop computer.

This is a big winner for me. Highly recommended!

  • Michael Aulia says:

    Ugh..I can’t imagine writing a blog post using a touch pad/phone pad alone *shivers*

    “I have to say that I’m actually finding this a whole lot easier to use than my desktop computer.”
    That statement even made me shivers some more lol

    • Paula says:

      LOL – yes I know where you are coming from but it really was surprisingly easy. I wouldn’t do it on a full time basis of course but if I was out and about and had a compulsive urge to write up a blog post then I wouldn’t have a problem with using the iPod Touch.

      • Michael Aulia says:

        Ahh yes that’d be different :D

        I actually had an HTC Touch Pro 2 (with its own QWERTY keyboard) but somehow I’m still lazy blogging from it.. I guess it’s because I’m almost always in front of a computer anyway)

        • Paula says:

          I have something similar – an XDA IIs. It has a QWERTY keyboard and on one trip to the US I wrote up quite a lot of blog posts with it. Not ideal but it works.

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