How to Automatically Add Your Blog Posts to Twitter Using Twitter Feed

Twitter has been something that I have had a hard time getting my head around. I dabbled with it in the past but never really got into it enough to see whether it had any real value. But lately I have been testing it out with one of my niche websites and have noticed quite a bit of traffic coming in from it.

I didn’t want to spend too much time on there however so what I did was just automate it so that the blog posts would automatically be posted to Twitter. This reduced the amount of time I needed to be on Twitter but also added regular content to it.

Now just adding blog posts is probably not going to be as successful as getting in there and being part of the Twitter community. But at the moment, for that particular niche blog, I don’t have much time to be socializing too much. I’d rather do that for the blog you are reading now.

I had created a Twitter account for Affiliate Blog Online some time ago but had not done much else. I thought that the time was right to get in there and so something with it. So today I logged into Twitter and updated the profile and also added the blog to Twitter Feed so that the posts would automatically be added.

So for those who want to do the same this is how it is done:

1. If you haven’t already done so, head over to Twitter and create an account.

2. The next step involves logging into Twitter Feed. If you already have an Open Id then you will be able to just log in but if not you will have to spend some time creating an id. This Open Id system is, my opinion, the worst system ever invented – they’ve taken a simple process of logging in and made it as long winded as possible. It takes three pages to actually login to Twitter Feed…but I digress!

3. Once logged in to Twitter Feed you’ll get a screen with a link to create a new Twitter feed. Just click on that to get to the Feeds page.

4. Click on the Create New Feed link. You should now be on the Create New Twitter Feed page.

5. Complete the fields on this page as per the following:

  • Username – Enter your Twitter username
  • Password – Enter your Twitter password
  • RSS Feed URL – Enter the RSS Feed URL for your blog. If you’re not sure what that is just head over to your blog and look for an RSS image. It will look something like this . Just click on that and you will be taken to your RSS feed. Just copy the URL for that page  and paste it into this field. (To test it just click on the ‘test rss feed’ link next to the field.)
  • Update Frequency – This depends on how often you update your blog. One of our blogs is updated every 7 hours so I just leave it at every hour. If you update your blog once a day then you might select every 24 hours.
  • Include Item Link – I leave this one checked.
  • Shorten Link Through – I leave this one as TinyURL.
  • Post New Items Based On – I have this one set at pubDate.
  • Prefix Each Tweet With – I haven’t tried this but assume it means you can add some text that will automatically be inserted at the beginning of each Tweet. This might be useful if you want to let your readers know that this is a blog post so you might add “Today’s Blog Post” to the beginning of each Tweet.
  • Filter by Keywords – This is handy if you only want specific posts to go up on Twitter. So you can add keywords that will ensure that only posts with those keywords will be displayed.
  • Active – Obviously you will want to leave this one checked.

6. Once you have completed each of the fields click the CREATE button and you are done. Your blog posts should automatically start posting to Twitter.

  • I’ve been using that for some time now I think and it makes life so much easier

  • Paula says:

    I agree. It means I can concentrate on other things and Twitter can be addictive which means I don’t have to log in too often and then end up spending half of my day on there.

  • Kawasaki motorcycles says:

    Yes, that’s true. Hopefully that’s an intermediate step that FriendFeed will get rid of (I’m not holding my breath).

    Ultimately though, it maximizes the readership (and feedback) of your posts since you have FriendFeed readers in addition to the ones on Twitter and your blog.

  • first $100 says:

    I didn’t know this would be possible, this would give additional time for me to balance the daily duties I need for the day. These would give me more efficiency with my blogging. Thank you so much!

  • Paula says:

    Yes it definitely does make things a little easier especially if you post 3 or 4 blog posts a day which was what we were doing on one of our blogs.

  • AaCell says:

    thank you for sharing to me

  • Han Mac says:

    Thanks to share it.! I did for my blog and site too.!

  • Steve says:

    Anyone know the cure when it stops working? Could not Pharse the feed..

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