Top 8 Best Clickbank Products to Promote

Best Clickbank ProductsHere is a list of the top 8 best Clickbank products based on gravity, sale amount, refunds and just our general experience with conversion rates.

1. Wealthy Affiliate University Membership

UPDATE!!!…Since this blog post was written things have changed and Wealthy Affiliate now has a a free sign-up option. This is great news for those wanting to promote this product because you can get a good idea of what’s inside before paying.

Actually this one isn’t in Clickbank but I had to put it in because I know for a fact that it converts extremely well. We are averaging one sale for every 40 people we send to the Wealthy Affiliate website.  Some of you may say that you can get better than that BUT the big advantage of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is that as long as the person remains a member we continue to get a recurring monthly commission. And so far, 75% of the people we have referred have remained members.

For each sign up you either receive $20 per month if they are paying monthly or $175 if they pay for a year.

The drawback is that you have to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate in order to become an affiliate but it worked out well for us because within the first month of joining WA we referred two people so the commission we receive from referring them covers our monthly fee. Of course we have referred quite a few more since then but it is nice to know that our monthly membership is now paid for.

WA includes extensive stats so you can see where your sales are coming from. They also provide keyword lists that you can use in your promotion and tutorials on using Google Adwords, article marketing, Squidoo and other bum marketing techniques.

Definitely recommended.

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2. Legit Online Jobs

We actually signed up with Legit Online Jobs months ago and they are one we definitely recommend to our readers so we know it is worth promoting. You can read our review of it here.

Legit Online Jobs is a great product to promote because it encompasses so many different ways of making money online including data entry, bum marketing techniques, paid surveys, ebay marketing and much more. This means that you can find thousands of keywords to use to promote it.

Paying out at over $30 per sale it only takes a 3 or 4 sales a day to start making a full time income from it.

This product has a very low refund rate.

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3. Strip That Fat

The weight loss industry is huge and big money can be made from it. This product has just hit the internet in a big way and is converting extremely well. The product includes a couple of ebooks plus an online diet generator. It’s well presented and the landing page is professional and clean.

Paying a commission of around $38 a sale this is one worth promoting.

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4. Beating Adwords

We purchased Beating Adwords as we were in desperate need of help after experiencing the Google Adwords slap when our cost per click leaped to $10 and more for some keywords. This ebook solved that problem for us and helped to increase our page quality score and reduce our bid prices dramatically.

Beating Adwords has a very low refund rate and pays a nice commission at just over $30. It is well written and covers everything anyone will need to improve their Google Adwords campaigns as well as going into detail about writing ads and creating landing pages.

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5. Official Secret Restaurant Recipes

This is a great seller and converts really well. This is another ebook with a very low refund rate so you can be assured that buyers are happy with the product.

The landing page is well presented and you can’t help but want to buy this after seeing how many secret recipes you get. The price of the ebok at $29.97 is reasonable so sales are more likely. You get just over $20 per sale so it is well worth promoting. We’ve done well with this one.

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6. Acne Free in 3 Days

If you had acne you couldn’t help but buy this product. The landing page has everything you would ever need to increase conversions with its before and after photos and its ‘as seen on tv’ approach.

Paying out at $21.50 per sale and with a low refund rate, this is a good one to promote.

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7. Fat Loss for Idiots

Another weight loss ebook that does extremely well. Check out their landing page. It’s different and it works. They work at attracting people who want quick weight loss which is pretty much everyone.

The payout is just over $30 per sale and refunds are very low.

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8. World of Warcraft Secrets

World of Warcraft is huge and good money can be made from this niche. It helps if you know a little about this online game before promoting but it isn’t necessary.

The landing page is well presented with lots of bonuses and the video is quite convincing. There are thousands of keywords that can be sourced to promote this product.

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  1. Hi Paula,

    I just wanted to say, WA is great! I have been a member for about a year now! I love it and I don’t plan on leaving them. When you think about it, you get a free website building tool, a free hosting and a full step by step how to get traffic to your site, what else can we ask for :)

    • I tried them and everything I tried with them didn’t work, their website was pure shit, article marketing did not help and didn’t work, and try to make money with Squidooo if you can! Everything they had worked in the 1900 but is worthless now. Maybe if you have a university degree and a lot of patience and time, their site could be helpful! But for the regular Joe, forget it. Better go sing in the metro, or sell pencils. You will make a lot more money more money! You can find more good free information’s on Google, and its free.

  2. Great reviews you got here! I’m an affiliate newbie and this article will definitely help a lot. Thank you so much.

  3. Great blog. Found your top 8 products. Will test them out. Cheers

  4. Hi, thanks for such a helpful article. I started testing out the Recipe Secrets ebook about a week ago, and my clickbank analytics show that I have six order form submissions but no actual sales. I was wondering if there is (hopefully) some kind of delay between the submission and sale for this product? Otherwise I would be off to a pretty bad start.

    • What this is Brad is people going to the order page and clicking the Pay Now button. Perhaps it is one person trying to pay and they tried 6 times but their credit card didn’t work or Paypal was down at the time.

      Here is Clickbanks definition of the ‘Order Form Submit’ column in their analytics and what could go wrong:

      Keep in mind what constitutes an Order Form Submit. It is defined as the act of a prospective customer clicking the Pay Now button on the ClickBank Order Form (our reporting will count up to one order form submit per customer visit to the order form).

      For prospects to successfully make it to the Sale stage, the following must have occurred:

      The customer information from the ClickBank Order Form is validated.
      The customer is verified to not be participating in fraudulent activities
      The customer has the funds and is authorized to fulfill the sale transaction requested
      Common barriers for prospects exiting at this stage include:

      An invalid Postal Code entered on the ClickBank Order Form
      An invalid Name entered on the ClickBank Order Form
      An invalid Card Number entered on the ClickBank Order Form
      The prospect’s payment method is not authorized due to problems with funding
      The prospect is identified to be participating in fraudulent activities
      An invalid Card Expiration Date is entered on the ClickBank Order Form

  5. Yeah, I did read that in my pursuit of the problem but it says they only tally unique visitors, and the failed submissions – 10 now – accumulated over several days. Only 1 submission was actually successful.

    There is one thing I suspected could be causing this, and that is that when someone leaves the sales page they are given an offer of using a $5 trial for 21 days and then having the remaining cost automatically charged to their card after that if they do not cancel. It was my hope that my statistics were tied to this, in that maybe the actual sales don’t register until those 21 days are up.

    If you have a lot of sales already tallied up, maybe the delay is there and you don’t notice it. Or maybe I am just having really bad luck.

  6. Hello,

    The above information was great! But,I suggest you guys to don’t promote because its scam.It will make your customer unhappy.



  7. i am using both Clickbank and infolinks ads on my website. Clicbank generates more money than infolinks but your website should be getting lots of us traffic.

    • I’ve never heard of Infolinks so just took a look at their website. This is the double underline type of advertising. I must admit I’m not too fussed on that type of advertising so I’ve avoided using it.

  8. I set up a neat blogger just like the home page of Legit Online jobs but first the popunder does not work correctly, it opens in a new tab instead of my blog. Then I checked the site out to see what people are saying about it and was i shocked? Most of the independent reviews were negative. The scream SCAM! I wonder therefore where you list it here. I don’t want to make sales for a company that does not live up to its promise as many have said.

  9. Thanks a lot for the information. You gave me a great idea on what products to promote on clickbank.

  10. New to the program but looking forward to making some money. Are there any clickbank tools or tips that any one can offer?

  11. This article has been written in September 28th, 2008. According to you – Top 8 Best Clickbank Products to Promote in 2011 are?

    • This is quite an old article now so those eight probably wouldn’t apply anymore. I would say that Wealthy Affiliate is still a good one to promote and they now allow you to promote them without being a member.

      Other than that, we wouldn’t be able to provide any other suggestions as we don’t really promote too many Clickbank products at the moment.

  12. Kasie Zhang Hong says:

    My friend signed up for Wealthy Affiliate, but was never sent their information. They refused a refund and when he requested it from Pay Pal, they also refused his refund.

    Wealthy Affiliate, in my opinion, is very unethical and a SCAM.

    • Paypal are pretty good at providing refunds where the situation warrants it. There would have to be some reason why both Wealthy Affiliate AND Paypal refused to refund. Without knowing the full story behind it we can’t really make any further comments.

  13. Kasie Zhang Hong says:

    Please see previous comment and subscribe me to your newsletter. Thanks!


    • We can’t sign you up Kasie as we aren’t allowed to sign up people ourselves. If you do want to sign up there is a sign-up box in the sidebar of this websie. You just need to enter your name and email to register.

  14. This post is great because now a newbie can refer what products really stand out in Clickbank.

  15. Thank you for your great information,can you suggest any click bank product ideas for finance related websites.

  16. I stopped reading these after getting past the first two recommendations. Whoever writes this blog, I hope you realise that you sold your soul just to promote crappy products to poor gullible victims who already have no money.

    I hope you sleep easy at night knowing the products that you push are scams and ripoffs. Oh well, what comes around goes around :)

  17. thanks lot for great article…try to sell in my blog

  18. I am selling clickbank product from 2010 but still i cant able to sell single product and i dont earn single $. pls kindly suggest me some ideas to make sell…. i expect good result me.

  19. Thanks for sharing amazing knowledge about clickbank…

  20. Hi, Wanda & Paula, thanks for the information, amazing.
    I just made ??the website about clickbank, please teach me how to promote it, tks

  21. Smart people will look for their own products to promote and use due diligence in doing so. CBEngine.Com is a nice place to start, and, of course, ClickBank itself. Understand that you should be promoting whichever niche related/associated products you feel comfortable with. For instance, if I know about WordPress and have a WordPress site, then I would promote WordPress products, such as plugin’s and special money making themes, etc. This is the best way to make money with ClickBank and where you promote something you know about, so you will speak authoritatively about it and people will be persuaded to buy. I also use video overlays in promoting a ClickBank product, and for that I use BittyMe.Com, where I can do this without any charge. If you want to make money with ClickBank, do your research and you will make the money. There are many, many ways to promote ClickBank products and make that online money, even offline money. I do, and so should you.

  22. I have been with Clickbank for quite some time; but the conversion is not that good. Will try out these for sure.

  23. I truly found these to be of some help as I am trying to get something to sell well. I have had good luck with Paleo Recipe Book from clickbank on old website but might need to try some of these. Thanks so much.


  1. Top 8 Best Clickbank Products to Promote…

    A list of some of the best converting Clickbank products for you to promote based on gravity, sales, refund rates and our general experience with these programs….