20 WordPress Plugins to Increase Blog Traffic

Getting traffic to your blog is perhaps the most important aspect for any blogger so with this in mind I went searching for WordPress plugins that will help to do just that.

1. Tell a Friend – WP-Email

This plugin allows visitors to recommend your blog post or page to a friend via email.

2. Subscribe to Comments

Your visitors simply check a box under the comments field which allows them to receive an email notification whenever further comments have been added to the post.

3. Random Posts Plugin

Displays a list of random posts from your blog at the end of a blog post encouraging readers to stay on your site.

4. Similar Posts

Displays a list of related posts from your blog at the end of each post. This encourages readers to stay on your site.

5. Recent Posts

Displays the most recent posts from your blog.

6. Digg Plugin

Allows you to add a Digg style icon button to each blog post encouraging readers to Digg your post.

7. Share This Pugin

Allows your visitors to add your blog post to social bookmarking and networking sites. You can see how this works by clicking the Share This link at the bottom of this post…and while you’re there why not submit this post to one of your favorite sites…hint, hint!!

8. Sociable Plugin

Works in a similar way to the ‘Share This’ plugin  by allowing visitors to submit your posts to their favorite bookmarking sites.

9. All in One SEO Pack

Optimizes your blog for the search engines making your blog posts and pages easier to find and rank.

10. SMS Text Message Plugin

Your visitors can enter their mobile number in a sidebar widget and be sent updates via SMS when your blog has been updated.

11. Increase Sociability Plugin

This plugin recognizes when a visitor has arrived via Stumbleupon or Digg and provides them with a nice reminder to encourage them to vote for your post.

12. Subscribe Remind

Places some text at the end of each blog post reminding visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed.

13. What Would Seth Godin Do Plugin

Works in a similar way to the ‘Subscribe Remind’ plugin but has some added functionality in that it uses cookies to distinguish between first time visitors and regular visitors. You can create messages to add to the top or bottom of blog posts and first time visitors can see one message whereas regular visitors can see something entirely different.

14. Top Commenters Plugin

This is a great plugin for encouraging repeat visitors. Readers that leave the most comments get their link displayed in the sidebar of your blog. As the nofollow tag is removed the reader gets full credit for their link.

15. Comment Relish

This plugin sends out an automatic email to any new readers to your blog thanking them for leaving a comment. This is a great way to get return visitors. You can customize the email any way you like.

16. Dofollow Plugin

Creating a dofollow blog can often bring in traffic. This plugin strips the nofollow tag from blog comments.

17. Lucia’s Linky Love Dofollow Plugin

Another dofollow plugin but this one is slightly different in that it allows you to remove the nofollow tag after a certain number of comments have been left by a reader. You can set this to anywhere between 3 and 10 posts.

18. Google Sitemap Generator

This will generate a sitemap for your blog which will help Google find and index your blog.

19. Add to Any Subscribe Button Plugin

Allows your readers to subscribe to just about any type of RSS feed.

20. Ultimate Tag Warrior

Allows you to tag your posts which are picked up by blog search engines thereby helping to increase traffic.

And a couple more as suggested by Susan:

21. CommentLuv

This plugin finds the last post by the person who left the comment and displays a link to that post under their comment. Usually used in conjunction with a dofollow type plugin. UPDATE 27 October 2009 – We’ve just added the Comment Luv plugin to our blog.

22. KeywordLuv

When someone leaves a comment on your blog they can also get the benefit of a keyword link in the title. The site uses examples which explains it better than I ever could.

So now you can see why we think WordPress is the best platform for bloggers. There are just many great plugins that allow you get maximum use from your blog.

  • earnersclub.net says:

    20 WordPress Plugins to Increase Blog Traffic…

    A list of the top 20 WordPress plugins that can help to increase your blog traffic. Includes dofollow plugins, comment plugins, SEO, RSS and subscribe plugins….

  • Paula says:

    Thanks Susan…I have now added those to the list above.

  • Susan says:

    A good list of plugins. I was surprised to not see KeywordLuv or CommentLuv listed.

  • Yan Shall Blog says:

    A nice collection of plugins; some of them are what I can’t run a blog without..


  • Paula says:

    I agree. Some of these plugins are definite must haves.

  • DemoGeek says:

    Excellent collection of great plugins. I was looking for a list like this. Can you pls eliminate some of the duplicates and instead provide with other useful plugins?

  • lilyn says:

    Hi. Thanks for the great info, now I can start using those plugins in my blog.

  • annum says:

    Excellent collection of great plugins . thanx for that..

  • Rohit says:

    That’s a great list. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bintang says:

    Great article. I found you on google.

    Btw, i think it will be better if you eliminate duplicate function of the plugins.

  • Deano@Rugby Boots says:

    I can see your getting the odd spam comment because your using keywordluv. I feel your pain mate…using Bad Behavior and Akismet at least kills off the obvious spammers :p

  • Zarora says:

    some of these plugins are really great.. like all in one seo, share this etc

  • Bryan says:

    Thanks for posting these, as a newbie I’m constantly on the lookout for great ideas. Can you recommend any Widgets or ez to load Opt In boxes for WP.ORG? How about a music playlist of sorts[is that even possible]? Thank you again for your help.

    • Paula says:

      You don’t need a fancy widget or plug-in to add a basic opt-in form to your site. I assume you have an auto-responder service like aWeber?? If so, you simply grab the web form code from them and place it into a text widget on your blog. This should then display the name and email fields on your blog.

      For a pop-up opt-in form you can try WP Pop-UP Scheduler – just type that into Google and you should find it.

      Not too sure about the playlist but I just typed “music playlist wordpress plugin” into Google and a few came up so looks like there are options available.

    • If you aren’t using a responder and you want a simple contact form, look for the Fast and Secure Contact Form plugin by Mike Challis. Very simple to use but limited customisation options.

      For more sophisticated forms design there is cforms at the deliciousdays site but this takes a lot more technical skill to get up and running.

      And with both of these tools you have to manually manage your list.

      These tools are fine for someone in the learning/experimental stage but as time goes on and you want to build and manage a list a responder like aweber is a must, especially if you want to follow industry standards for privacy and anti-spamming.

      Thanks to Paula and Wanda for a good list.

      Ginger Mudd

  • Will says:

    Hi Paula & Wanda,

    First time here – and like it ! Lots of useful info & tips. Thanks.
    And this post is really useful for me as it has made me aware of the “Do Follow” plug-in which I’ll try out in the next few minutes !

    Finally a question …. I’m currently using Disqus for my comments – do you think it would be good to change to commentluv?? And, if so, would I be able to keep current comments … or would they just get deleted ?

    Ok , all for now – best wishes to sunny Oz from Hamburg !



    • Paula says:

      Thanks for visiting Will and glad you like the blog.

      I can’t really answer your questions on Disqus as I haven’t tried it out yet. I notice a lot of people are using it now. The only reason I’m not using it as I feel it is an extra step for my readers to take when they leave a comment. I also notice that when I leave a comment on a blog using Disqus that sometimes I get an error message and I have to try again. That kind of discourages me from installing it on this site.

      I like Comment Luv. It’s simple and it’s a way of rewarding people who leave a comment.

  • julie says:

    This list is even more helpful than I was hoping for. Thank you very much!

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    • Paula says:

      You’re quite welcome to write up an article….as long as you don’t duplicate the content of course. That wouldn’t do any of us any good.

      You’ve got some good information on your blog by the way.

  • christian says:

    Thank you so much! That list is awesome!
    .-= christian´s last blog ..List Of Free Desktop Blogging Softwares =-.

  • Neva says:

    Your pop-up: “….If you like what we have to say we would really appreciate you leaving a comment before you leave today.”


    “….If you like what we have to say, we would really appreciate YOUR leaving a comment before you leave today.”

  • Very nice list of plugins for wordpress. Bookmarked.
    .-= Abhilash Pillai´s last blog ..This site calculates your luck – Showluck.com =-.

  • Colin says:

    Great post. When I first came to your site, their was a pop up saying please leave a comment. Is this a plugin? How would I do something like that.

  • Very interesting blog post for wordpress bloggers!
    Thanks for sharing..

    I must migrate now from blogger to wordpress.

  • Alex says:

    This is nice set of wordpress plugin which we require to retain the visitors. Thanks a lot for compilation of such great plugins.

  • Thanks for the 20, er um 22 WordPress Plugins Post.

    I’m using a few of those plugins, but I think I’ll go check out a few others. I agree about Disqus. It seems to error more often than not. In fact when I see that being used, I’ll type and copy my comment before submitting. That way I don’t have to retype the comment.

    I use and like the DoFollow, Comment and Keyword Luv plugins. Never seem to have any issues on my site or others that use it.

    Thanks for the list. Off to go check out a couple.
    .-= CJ @ Online Technical Writing´s last blog ..A Blog is NOT A Website =-.

  • kashif says:

    Very nice list of plugins for wordpress. Bookmarked.

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    I am using all the plugins you have mentioned but I am looking for some new plugins like ato submission to search engines.
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  • Juegos says:

    Good collection, I would like to add RSS Footer, it can be very useful sometimes.

  • hey, thats a fairly comprehensive list! I personally use keywordluv, all in one seo and similar posts plugins – these seem to work well for me.
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    nice info, but i notice none of these comments are “do follow”..?
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  • this is a great resource, i have a few of them already on my weblog but im definately going to install the similar posts and subscribe remind plugins tonight before bed, i think blogging is like anything in life, if you put in the time and effort, then these rarely go wasted, i just came across your blog through google, keep up the good work :)

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    very comprehensive list. Still useful today.
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  • David Smith | Epic Traffic Systems says:

    Thanks for the list, Paula. The first plug-ins to get installed on all of my blogs are All-In-One SEO Pack, CommentLuv & KeyWordLuv and an AddThis plug-in.

    And I like how you took advantage of the bottom of your blog. Nice!

  • John says:

    Wow! Had no idea there were so many traffic getting plugins! Thanks!

  • Paula…just curious, what does this trackback pingback thing at the end of your articles do for your site? Is it a plug in that posts all your trackbacks? I get a ton of those on my skin care site and not sure what do do with them.

    • Paula says:

      We get a lot of trackbacks as well but most of them are spammers. The only ones I approve are the ones where people have written a legitimate post on their site and linked back to us as a relevant resource.

      I am not sure if it has any benefit to me….I’ve never really researched it. But I just see it as a way of rewarding people who have linked to my blog posts.

      It’s not a plugin. It’s part of WordPress. If you approve them in your comments section they should show up on your blog (like they do at the bottom of this one) but it may also depend on your theme.

  • Lorne says:

    Great list, I found a use for a few of these. Thanks!

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  • Christian says:

    Learned some good tips. I’ve heard of a few of them but not all. I’m a new blogger. Keeping up the blog is the easy part, getting it noticed and getting traffic to it is the hard part. The page source code shows nofollow for all the comments, but you have Comment Luv installed. Has something maybe been overlooked or is this actually nofollow?

    • Paula says:

      Having Comment Luv on your site doesn’t necessarily mean that the site is a dofollow blog.

      Our site used to be dofollow but it seemed to attract a lot of spammers. So we went back to a nofollow blog.

  • Mallu says:

    Very nice list of plugins for wordpress. Bookmarked.

  • Linda says:

    Thank you for this list. I have years of experience with web site development, but WordPress is a different animal. It is written in PHP, rather than HTML. I find I can read it ok, but don’t know the syntax well enough to write it. I just don’t have the time to learn PHP right now to be able to build the type of functionality the plugins in your list provide. And why reinvent the wheel, anyway! Thanks!

  • thx 4 the suggested plugin…but I still do some extra effort for installing the google sitemap generator….rgrds

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  • thanks for sharing this nice lists of plugins…

  • KeywordLuv and Commentluv are two of the best I have come across in a long while. Even tough it still attracts spammers, I get way more useful comments left on my blogs which in turn leads to more total content on each post. It’s working for me.

    • Paula says:

      I really like Comment Luv. It is one of the best ways to encourage people to leave comments on your blog. It made a big difference when we decided to add it.

  • Eddie says:

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  • Thanks for the list of wordpress pluginns. I will work with “All in One SEO Pack”. Lest me see the result.

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